TUF 13 Finale Results: Gilbert Melendez and 4 Fights Clay Guida Should Take Next

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IJune 5, 2011

TUF 13 Finale Results: Gilbert Melendez and 4 Fights Clay Guida Should Take Next

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    Clay Guida effectively shut down Anthony Pettis  last night adding some shock to the TUF 13 results.

    Guida has long been a staple of the UFC lightweight division, and with 40 fights under his belt is someone many should be taking seriously. After watching how much he dominated Pettis and avoiding the great guard of Pettis, Clay Guida has put himself on a run for the UFC lightweight title.

    With the title holder not to be determined until early fall, Guida has a while to go before he can claim the title anyway. Guida could easily benefit from one more win and show UFC president, Dana White, that even though some considered him a gatekeeper, that he is in fact a title contender.

    So who should Guida, considered one of the most entertaining fighters in the UFC, face to get within range for a shot at the UFC title?


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Melvin Guillard

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    Current Record: 27-8-2, 1 NC


    This would probably a good bout to pick for "Fight of the Night" if they were to meet. In actuality, I think any bout with Clay Guida has that shot.

    Guillard would be swinging for the fences and there is no on Earth he would knock out Guida. In 40 bouts Guida has never been KO'd, which when you think about it, 40 fights and no KOs is impressive.

    And then guess how many times Guillard has been knocked out? In 38 bouts, he has never been KO'd.

    This fight could end up being a ground war, which after seeing how Guida handled Pettis last night, would probably go in Guida's favor.

    One more step for Guida to become champion.

Sean Sherk

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    Current Record:  36-4-1


    Another name, another battle between UFC veterans. Sean Sherk is expected to return sometime this year and a battle with Guida could be beneficial to both.

    If Sherk came in and beat Guida in his return to the Octagon, it would look really good. The possibility of Sherk winning is really good if he comes back from injuries without a hitch.

    If Guida beat Sherk, it would add yet another name to the list of Guida's wins. Since his fight with GSP, Sherk has gone to the judges scorecards, six of seven times, who better to push him then Guida?

Jim Miller

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    Current Record: 20-2


    Jim Miller is 20-2 and some feel he is absolutely deserving of a title shot considering he is 9-1 in the UFC. Miller's only loss came against Gray Maynard, Maynard fights for the title in September.

    Considering that the lightweight title holder won't be decided until late, late August at the earliest, A bout between Miller and Guida could happen later in the year. Miller is set to face Ben Henderson at UFC Live in August.

    Miller fought four times last year and could get a bout with Guida in during either November or December barring injuries. If you want to give Miller a title shot, Guida is the perfect guy to test him against.

    Eleven of Miller's 20 victories have been by way of submission and could be interesting to see how he responds to a fight like Guida who can beat you both standing and on the ground.

Gilbert Melendez

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    Current Record: 19-2


    I think if you bring over Gilbert Melendez, then you should give him one opponent before he fights for the title. Yeah, Melendez is leaps and bounds ahead of Clay Guida in the rankings, but Guida is the perfect test for champions from other promotions coming into the UFC.

    These two fighters have already squared off once, and it was for the Strikeforce lightweight title, the belt Melendez still holds to this day. Needless to say, Melendez won, and won by the tiniest of margins by edging out Guida in a split decision victory.

    This would be the perfect fight to get Guida in title contention, and what better revenge for Guida then by taking away Melendez's shot at the UFC title?