Super Bowl XLII: Bet the Farm on the Patriots

Scott OttersenCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2008

If there has ever been a more sure bet in my lifetime (since I've been old enough to gamble), I've never known it.

Yes, gambling is illegal...but not in Vegas!

So get on the phone, hop on a plane, take a road trip, do whatever you have to do to get in front of a Vegas sportsbook and bet on New England to win the Super Bowl.

Now, don't be stupid.

I know how tempting it is to bet the spread, but you don't need to do that this year. This Super Bowl has the most sure ending since the Super Bowl has been played.

There is no way the New York Giants are beating the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 3rd.

It just won't happen.

So, with that being said, bet the moneyline. Yes, it is -475 for New England right now, but you can still win big money, if you have enough to wager on it.

For all of you that don't know what betting on the moneyline means, I will break it down, preschool style.

The -475 means that you need to place a $475 wager on New England to get back $100.  So, if you wager $475, when New England wins, you will get back $575.

Simple enough, right?

Considering we already know that the Patriots are going to win, why wouldn't you bet everything that you possibly could on it.

Let's say you are "small time," and place $1,000 on them to win. That would net you $210.52.

Who couldn't use an extra $210?

Let's say you are a little bit more hefty in the wallet, and you put down a $5,000 wager on New England to win. That would net you $1,052.63.

And, if you have more than that to wager on the game, please loan me some so I can make extra cash. I promise to split it with you!

Along with the moneyline, there are going to be record amounts of prop bets for the Super Bowl. For those that don't know what a prop bet is, I'll educate you a bit on that, as well.

Prop bets are bets that you can make for certain things that are going to happen during the game.

A few examples would be: Who is going to win the coin toss? Who will have more passing yards: Tom Brady or Eli Manning? Over/under on receiving yards for Randy Moss. Who will score first? So on and so on.

I haven't had the chance to look over the prop bets for the Super Bowl yet, but they always make watching the game more interesting, considering you are looking for certain things to happen throughout the game.

But, those are more risky bets. 

It's not my intention to have you bet on those, because the real money will be made on the moneyline wager. Wager everything you can on that and you will thank me for it.

One last thing: Everything I've mentioned in this article is nullified after I place my bet on New England to win.

I have mentioned before that I have NEVER won a major-money bet in my entire life, and I don't expect it to continue with this year's Super Bowl.

I will be placing my bet soon, so cancel yours now.

Or, better yet, take New York to win. In fact, take them to cover. You win more money when you bet against the spread.

Again, you can thank me later.