Brock Lesnar, Nick Diaz, 10 Most Overrated MMA Fighters

Kevin HessAnalyst IJune 4, 2011

Brock Lesnar, Nick Diaz, 10 Most Overrated MMA Fighters

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    The simple definition of overrated is: To overestimate the merits of, rate too highly.

    As easy as that sounds, I thought I would target the most notable competitors who always seem to linger at the top of the rankings. This list is made up of fighters who are not affected by lack of competition, poor performances, questionable decision wins or flat-out losing.

    I also want to state I think all the fighters on this list are exceptional, but I believe they are undeserving of where they are either ranked or positioned in their respective divisions.

Roy Nelson

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    Though his stock may be falling, the very likable Roy Nelson is a prime example of a fighter who lingers inside the top 10 when it comes to ranking the heavyweight division.

    "Big Country" has amassed a record of 15-6 during his career, but when you actually look at his competitors, you start to notice a trend. The trend, of course, is that Nelson has lost to every legit MMA fighter he has matched up against.

    What you cannot take away from Nelson is his toughness. He took a lot of punishment in his last two bouts with Junior Dos Santos and Frank Mir, yet he remained in the fights until the final bell sounded.

    I think people just love the mullet.

Lyoto Machida

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    Let the negative comments rain down on me with this slide.

    Lyoto Machida (17-2) is one of the best light-heavyweights on the UFC roster, but is he really deserving of a possible title shot with Jon "Bones" Jones? I personally disagree with that decision.

    Machida is my example of where performance doesn't matter because it just does not effect his status when it comes to the light-heavyweight rankings. 

    "The Dragon" has posted a 2-2 record in his last four fights, which started with a very questionable split-decision win over Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Rua was granted a rematch due to the high amount of controversy and went on to win the fight against Machida by first-round knockout.

    He followed that up with a very close match with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, where Jackson received a split-decision victory.

    Machida finally scored a dominant win over the 47-year-old and regressing Randy Couture in his retirement match.

    Very poor performances in three of his last four matches ended up having virtually no impact on his status as a top five fighter, even though he is 1-2 in his last three fights.

Antonio Silva

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    Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva is one of the up-and-coming MMA heavyweights with some good power and stand-up ability. This in no way constitutes him as a top-five fighter as some like to rank him.

    Silva's biggest win to date is over Fedor Emelianenko, who might be considered the all-time best heavyweight, but the Fedor Silva defeated was in no way the same Fedor everyone remembers.

    Silva also has a win over former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. Arlovski seems to make everyone that defeats him an automatic top 10 fighter for some reason, even though he hasn't been a relevant competitor for many years now.

    Silva has a record of 16-2, but it is a pretty soft overall record because he hasn't faced a lot of solid competition. If you ask most people, though, they still like to rank him right around fifth in the division.

    Though I think he is close to that, ranking isn't what I am overrating here. 

    Fans are giving him way too much credit by thinking he can compete with the top-level competition, and I just do not think he has that ability yet..

Anthony Pettis

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    The picture shows every reason why Anthony Pettis is overrated in my opinion.

    With the now famous "Showtime Kick," Pettis surged into talks of being one of the best lightweights out there. Again, while I think he is another good fighter, I don't believe in the hype that has built him up to the level of "Showtime" because of one kick.

    Most people believe he will easily defeat Clay Guida tonight, but I do not see Pettis matching up well with any top-level UFC wrestler.

    If I am wrong, I will admit it, but until I actually witness Pettis getting his hand raised over Guida, I will continue to believe he is overrated.

Carlos Condit

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    Carlos Condit is getting closer and closer to a UFC title shot at Georges St-Pierre, so why would I consider him as an overrated fighter?

    Condit is on this list because of his controversial wins. In back-to-back fights with Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald, he was given the win in each contest, but myself and many others do not agree with the outcomes. 

    In the Ellenberger fight, I was sure Condit was going to lose the fight, and while it was close, I never thought for a second Condit had won, but the judges believed differently.

    The MacDonald fight was entirely on the referee as MacDonald was ahead on the judges' scorecards, and Condit needed a finish to secure a come-from-behind win. He got his finish due to a horrible decision to stop the fight with 7 seconds remaining in the fight as MacDonald had Condit's arms tied up, which is considered intelligent defense.

Chael Sonnen

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    Chael Sonnen is another fighter who has been riding a wave of hype since he came within minutes from defeating Anderson Silva. That fight took place nearly one year ago, and Sonnen hasn't fought since as a result of being suspended.

    Sonnen has posted a record of 25-11 in his time as a mixed martial artist. He has had plenty of ups and downs during this time with some big wins and losses, but he has seemed to hit a status level in most everyone's eyes that he is the second best fighter at middleweight.

    When fighting, Sonnen is a talented fighter who will let everyone know just how good he is. I am not disputing the fact he is a top-rated fighter, but he is not the Jon Fitch of middleweight fighters either, as his 11 losses indicate.

Alistair Overeem

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    Who is the guy in the picture because that can't be the Strikeforce heavyweight champion, can it?

    Overeem has since went on to magically double or triple in size over the years, just as his status as an elite MMA fighter has as well.

    Overeem is overrated for one reason, and that is the lack of competition in his weight division. Is that his fault? Of course not, but he has also lost to multiple opponents in the division he is supposedly the champion of. 

    Overeem has faced many good opponents in his career and lost to just about all of them with exception to his wins over Vitor Belfort.

    Overeem has been ranked as high as second in the heavyweight standings, and I still have been clueless to why. If you are going to be ranked that high, you should have at least a couple victories over quality opponents, and Overeem has none that were ranked anywhere near the top 10.

Brock Lesnar

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    No matter how you want to put it, Brock Lesnar has been overrated since the day he entered the UFC.

    Lesnar, a fresh face to MMA, was given former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir for his UFC debut. After that loss, he was given Heath Herring, which ended up as a unanimous-decision win.

    That decision win gave him a UFC record of 1-1, and the UFC felt Lesnar earned a title shot against Randy Couture, in which Lesnar ended up the victor.

    Recently, Lesnar had a very poor outing against Shane Carwin, where many fans thought the fight should've been stopped due to Lesnar not fighting back for an extended period of time. Lesnar went on to win by submission in Round 2 after Carwin exhausted himself trying to finish Lesnar.

    Lesnar then went on to lose the heavyweight championship to Cain Velasquez by TKO in Round 1 of his next fight.

    Two very poor consecutive outings, including a first-round loss, would send most people falling down on the ladder, but we're talking about Lesnar here. He was granted a No. 1-contender match with Junior Dos Santos following his multiple lackluster performances.

    Lesnar has an overall record of 5-2, with a 4-2 UFC record, and he is again out due to surgery. He hasn't fought since Oct. 2010 and wont fight again until at least the beginning of 2012, but I highly doubt he will fall outside the top five in anyone's rankings.  

Michael Bisping

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    The Brit who won TUF Season 3, Michael "The Count" Bisping, has put up a record of 21-3 as a MMA fighter.

    Sounds good enough, but as you look deeper, you have to discount his win against Matt Hamill, one of the worst decisions in MMA history, notice him losing important fights and acknowledge his complete overall lack of competition.

    The UFC has done a tremendous job in protecting their British ambassador as they give Bisping a lot of matchups he is expected to win. He faltered when he was given two legends to fight against in Wanderlei Silva and Dan Henderson, who both had poor performances prior to their bouts with Bisping.

    Bisping has not earned himself a great reputation with fans as he struck Jorge Rivera with an intentional knee, following it up by talking trash and eventually spitting in Rivera's corner.

    Many people do not like him for his cockiness, and he has also shown that he has a hard time taking a joke, which will make this season of TUF even better when he coaches against Jason "Mayhem" Miller.

    The only thing about Bisping's career I don't see as overrated was his knockout loss to Henderson, as I continue to rank that as one of the best knockouts of all time. Thank you, Michael Bisping.  

Nick Diaz

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    Nick Diaz is the current Strikeforce welterweight champion and easily the biggest fraud currently fighting under the Zuffa banner.

    If you look at Diaz from a distance, he seems to be a top-notch MMA fighter. He has a good overall skill set and is as tough as they come, yet he is not anywhere near as great as fans make him out to be.

    Let's face it—Diaz's biggest career win was over Paul Daley, who was not even ranked as a top-10 welterweight when they squared off against each other. Considering Diaz is 25-7 in his career, that should tell you something about his 25 victories in the cage as he has never defeated a top-10 opponent and only went 6-4 in his last run with the UFC.

    Diaz also had a chance for a relevant fight against Jason "Mayhem" Miller but refused to meet Miller at a catch weight, even though he had done this many times prior.  

    Somehow, out of all of that, Diaz is now considered the best opponent for Georges St-Pierre and the UFC welterweight title. Are you scratching your head, too?

    I guess if you whine, cry and complain long enough, people will eventually give in to your demands. It has worked for Diaz and countless amounts of four-year-old children.