Wordy Retorts: Rafael Nadal, Robin Soderling, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray

Linus FernandesAnalyst IIJune 3, 2011

Francesca Schiavone is not a walkabout on court.
Francesca Schiavone is not a walkabout on court.Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

What she said:

“Or you are a big, big talent or now you can find 28 or 30 years old, and they use experience, they use body, mind. So for young player is much tougher now than before.”

Francesca Schiavone makes it clear that in the battle between youth and experience, the older players have the upper hand.

What she really meant:

“Body, mind and spirit together with experience makes for a formidable combination.”

What she definitely didn’t:

“I’ll hand you a walkover because you’re younger than me.”


What he said:

“Patience is the key when you play Rafa.”

Andy Murray believes it’s going to be a long, drawn-out semi-final encounter against Rafael Nadal.

Andy Murray: Here for the long haul
Andy Murray: Here for the long haulAlex Livesey/Getty Images

What he really meant:“Patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace, both put together can help me beat Rafa.” 

What he definitely didn’t:“Let’s just get this over with.”


What she said:

“But, you know, good retail therapy and I’ll be fine."

Maria Sharapova intends to go shopping to cheer herself  up after losing her semi-final against Li Na.

Maria Sharapova
Maria SharapovaAlex Livesey/Getty Images

What she really meant:“Some consolation, a stroll down Champs-Élysées.”

 What she definitely didn’t:“I wonder if the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen is available at a discount.”


What she said:

“We’ve done this for almost all our lives, so we feel like we’re on this sort of hamster carousel and we just keep going.I think that’s why it feels like every year we come back and like: ‘Oh, nothing changes’, and next year you come back, ‘Oh, nothing changes’. 

Same old same press conference room, same court, same people. That makes you feel old."

Maria Sharapova sympathises with Rafael Nadal’s statement that he feels like he’s been on the tour for “100 years”.

What she really meant:

“You think you remember me? See, I recall you too and you’re boring.”

What she definitely didn’t:

“Just call me ‘Shareapova’”


What he said:

“Against the world No. 1, you never expect anyone to play bad.I mean, it would be pretty stupid.”

Robin Soderling claims that Rafael Nadal’s bad-mouthing his own form had no impact on his level of play against the World No.1.

What he really meant:

“Come on , we all know how modest Nadal really is. Do you really think I’d play terrible just because he says he’s not up to par?”

What he definitely didn’t:

Robin Soderling: Not bad
Robin Soderling: Not badAlex Livesey/Getty Images

“I’m bad, I’m bad. 

Cause I run UPT. 
(Bad bad-really, really bad) 
You know I’m bad, I’m bad. 
You know it. 
(Bad bad-really, really bad) 
You know I’m bad, I’m bad. 
Cause I run UPT, you know. 
(Bad bad-really, really bad) 
And the whole world has to 
answer right now 
Just to tell you once again, 
Who’s bad…” (Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’.)


What he said:

“I have almost 25 (years).But seems like I am playing for 100 years."

Rafael Nadal complains about the non-stop nature of the ATP tour.

What he really meant:

“The tour goes on and on and I feel really old, like a grandfather to you all.”

What he definitely didn’t:

“I want to play tennis professionally for 100 years or more.”

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