2011 Fantasy Baseball Weekly Wheelhouse Rankings, Third Basemen, June 2nd

Maxwell SalvatiContributor IIJune 2, 2011

Hitters are ranked for their expected performance from this point forward in standard 5 x 5 redraft leagues, not for statistics that have already been accrued. These rankings can also be used as a barometer to determine trade value. For more rankings check out:

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Top 35 Third Basemen:

*Note: Number in parenthesis denotes last weeks ranking.

Tier 1

1 (1). Jose Bautista, TOR

  • Only one home run in the last week, though he does have six runs and eight RBI to go along with it. Even on a down week he's the No. 1 third baseman. 

2 (2). Evan Longoria, TB

  • He's hit .296 with five runs, two home runs and three RBI in the last week. Slowly turning his season around.


Tier 2

3 (5). Alex Rodriguez, NYY

  • Even when he's not hitting he's on pace for a .291/96/27/93/9 stat line. Trending Upward.

4 (3). Kevin Youkilis, BOS

5 (4). Adrian Beltre, TEX


Tier 3

5.5 (7.5a) This is where I would put Brett Lawrie, TOR if he were up right now. Trending Upward.

6 (6). Martin Prado, ATL

  • Two home runs in the past week. He's now on-pace for 23 HR. If he can hit 20-plus it increases his value quite a bit. Still doesn't run enough, but he's an elite pure hitter. Trending Upward.

7 (7). Michael Young, TEX

  • Slow and steady. Not flashy by any means but will hit .300 with nice counting stats.

7.5b (9.5b). This is where I would put Mike Moustakas, KC if he were up right now.  

8 (8). Mark Reynolds, BAL

  • Every week I keep saying we know the power will come, we know the power will come... but will it? Show me something Mr. Swing and Miss or you're gonna drop. Trending Downward. 


Tier 4

9 (9). Mike Aviles, KC

  • He's starting to slow down in terms of HR/SB, but I think you should buy low while you still can.

10 (10). David Wright, NYM

  • Reports say it's not as bad as it sounds, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm incredibly worried. I'd still rather have him over McGehee, Polanco, Ramirez and Peralta the rest of the way, but I am being cautious to say the least. 

11 (11). Ryan Zimmerman, WAS

  • He should be fine when he returns. Might take him a little while to find his stroke though.

12 (12). This is where I put Brett Lawrie, TOR the rest of the way.

  • Absolutely raking. The job is his if he continues this for another week or so. He's not a blazer, but he can steal some bases and the Jays like to run. Pick him up before it's too late.Trending Upward.


Tier 5

13 (15). Jhonny Peralta, DET

  • After a solid week at the dish, he's on-pace to hit .314 with 69 runs, 24 home runs, and 93 RBI. Can you say Trending Upward?

14 (20.5). This is where I put Alex Gordon, KC if he is 3B eligible in your league.

  • Last week I called him, "...a little bit better version of Chase Headley." This week he said, "F@%K YOU!" Trending Upward.

 14.5 (13.5). This is where I would put Lonnie Chisenhall, CLE if he were up right now.

15 (14). Placido Polanco, PHI

16 (15). Aramis Ramirez, CHC

  • Oh where, oh where has my ISO gone? Oh where, oh where can it be!?! Not hitting home runs for whatever reason—no reports of him being hurt or anything—but he continues to hit singles and doubles like it's nobodies business.


17 (13). Casey McGehee, MIL

  • He has been just abysmal this season. Trending Downward.

 18 (17). Jed Lowrie, BOS

19 (22). Pablo Sandoval, SF

  • It pains me to rank him here because I was so high on him in the preseason and because of the wonderful season he was putting together, but I'm thinking the hamate injury will sap a lot of his power when he returns.


Tier 6

20 (NR). Ryan Roberts, ARI

  • He's on-pace for a 20/20 season that apparently I was unaware of. Oh, yeah, and he's playing everyday. I think he ends somewhere around 15/15, maybe a little better. Trending Upward.

21 (18). Chipper Jones, ATL

  • Last week I said, "I'm thinking this isn't going to be a fun finish to 2011 for Chipper...or his career?," but apparently his partially torn MCL is just fine, as he's on-pace to play 153 games. Bartolo Colon stem-cell surgery in the offseason anyone? Let's keep Chipper goin' for another five years!  

22 (19). This is where I put Mike Moustakas, KC the rest of the way, assuming he gets called up sometime in June, of course.

  • I like Moustakas as a better overall prospect than Lawrie, but I think Lawrie is up within the next week and he's absolutely on fire.That being said, Moustakas has legitimate 30-plus HR power right now, a la Mike Stanton, so if he gets hot he could shoot up the rankings quite a bit considering Martin Prado is No. 6.

23 (20). This is where I put Lonnie Chisenhall, CLE the rest of the way, assuming he gets called up sometime in June, of course.

  • I think Chisenhall will hit for a decent batting average (.275) and has a good amount of pop (20-25 HR potential over a full season), but he doesn't run at all and he doesn't nearly have the power ceiling Moustakas has.

22 (21). Wilson Betemit, KC

  • The last few weeks I gave him a low ranking because of playing time concerns and trade rumors (Moustakas/Aviles/Getz/Hosmer/Butler). But now my thought process is...until that happens, let the man hit. If he gets a shot at playing everyday somewhere for the remainder of the season, then he could easily be up there with A-Ram and Polanco. Trending Upward.

23 (26). Pedro Alvarez, PIT

  • Should be back from the DL soon. Hopefully he found his power stroke while he was rehabbing. The window to buy-low may be closing. Trending Upward.


Tier 7


24 (24). Alberto Callaspo, ANA

25 (25). Maicer Izturis, ANA


26 (27). Chone Figgins, SEA

27 (28). Chase Headley, SD

28 (23). Scott Rolen, CIN

  • Trending Downward like whoa.

29 (NR). Jack Hannahan, CLE


Tier 8

30 (NR). Casey Blake, LAD

31 (30). Chris Johnson, HOU

32 (29). Danny Valencia, MIN

33 (NR). Omar Infante, FLA

34 (NR). Justin Turner, NYM

35 (NR). Gregg Dobbs, FLA


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