27 K's: 2011 Fantasy Baseball Weekly Whiff Rankings: Closers (CL), June 1st

Maxwell SalvatiContributor IIJune 2, 2011

Despite his 6 run implosion last night, Marmol is the safest closer with the nastiest stuff in the Majors.
Despite his 6 run implosion last night, Marmol is the safest closer with the nastiest stuff in the Majors.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Pitchers are ranked for their expected performance from this point forward in standard 5 x 5 redraft leagues, not for statistics that have already been accrued. These rankings can also be used as a barometer to determine trade value. For more rankings check out:

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Top 30 Closers:

Tier 1

1. Carlos Marmol, CHC

  • Not worried one bit about his six run performance last night.

2. Heath Bell, SD

  • Only way he loses value is if he's traded to a contender that makes him a set-up man.

3. Brian Wilson, SF

  • Aside from the WHIP he's gold. Trending Upward.

4. Mariano Rivera, NYY

  • Kinda like the Roddy White of closers...but better.

Tier 2

5. J.J. Putz, ARI

  • Blew his first save as I was typing that he was quietly having a stellar year. Trending Upward.

6. Jonathan Papelbon, BOS

  • Could lose value if traded.

7. Francisco Rodriguez, NYM

  • He will be dealt 100 percent. If it's to a team that uses him as a closer, he could gain value, but if it's to a team that uses him as a set-up man, he will lose it. Trending Upward.

8. Chris Perez, CLE

  • If he starts striking out more batters like last year he will force us to consider him elite. Trending Upward.

9. Craig Kimbrel, ATL

  • Worried about job security with Venters beside him, but besides that he could be the next Carlos Marmol.

10. Leo Nunez, FLA

  • Starting to regress, but still top 10.

11. Huston Street, COL

12. Drew Storen, WAS

  • Really starting to regress. Trending Downward.

Tier 3

13. Neftali Feliz, TEX

  • Something is wrong. He's not striking anyone out or hitting triple digits on the radar gun. He came off the DL too soon or something. Could see him returning to it real soon too. Trending Downward.

14. Jose Valverde, DET

15. Andrew Bailey, OAK

  • Finally back. But can he stay healthy? Trending Upward.

16. Joel Hanrahan, PIT

  • Like Putz, quietly having a stellar season. Worried about him getting opportunities and his job security at the deadline though. Trending Upward.

17. Francisco Cordero, CIN

  • Admittedly, I thought he would have lost his job by now to Chapman, but he's pitched incredibly well. Wonder how long it can last though. Trending Upward.

18. Sergio Santos, CWS

Tier 4

19. Brandon League, SEA

  • The only reason Aardsma wins his job back is because they want to showcase him for a bit before the deadline, a la Kerry Wood last year. This should be League's job most of the season though. Trending Upward.

20. Ryan Madson, PHI

21. John Axford, MIL

22. Jordan Walden, ANA

23. Fernando Salas, STL

24. Kyle Farnsworth, TB

25. Kevin Gregg, BAL

26. Matt Capps, MIN

27. Mark Melancon, HOU

Tier 5

28. Frank Francisco, TOR

29. Aaron Crow, KC

  • Despite the fact that he's pitching incredibly well, he is no more than a seat warmer for Soria.

30. Matt Guerrier, LAD

Top 15 Saves Vultures to Own:

Tier 1

1. Joakim Soria, KC

  • It'll be his job soon enough. Top 3 closer when healthy and pitching well.

Tier 2

2. Jon Rauch, TOR

3. Koji Uehara, BAL

4. Chris Sale, CWS

5. Fernando Rodney, ANA

6. Jose Contrera, PHI

Tier 3

7. Eduardo Sanchez, STL

8. Kameron Loe, MIL

9. Darren Oliver, TEX

Tier 4

10. Jose Mijares, MIN

11. Grant Balfour, OAK

12. Brian Fuentes, OAK

13. Wilton Lopez, HOU

14. Juaquin Benoit, DET

15. Al Alburquerque, DET

Top 10 RP to Own Who Are Not Closing:

1. Joaquin Soria, KC

2. Mike Adams, SD

3. Jonny Venters, ATL

4. Sergio Romo, SF

5. Daniel Bard, BOS

6. Luke Gregerson, SD

7. Clay Hensley, FLA

8. Joaquin Benoit, DET

9. Chris Sale, CWS

10. David Hernandez, ARI

Top 5 RP on DL Who Could Claim the Closer Role When Healthy:

1. Jonathan Broxton, LAD

2. Brandon Lyon, HOU

3. Brad Lidge, PHI

4. David Aardsma, SEA

5. Joe Nathan, MIN

6. Hong-Chih Kuo, LAD

7. Kenley Jansen, LAD

8. Aaroldis Chapman, CIN

9. Bobby Parnell, NYM

10. Bobby Jenks, BOS


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