NFL Championship Sunday: Final Thoughts

Joseph CosentinoCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2008

After over 6 hours of viewing and eating junk food, I thought I would add some tidbits of this past Sunday's championship games...


New England vs. San Diego

This game failed to live up to its hype. No LT and a banged up Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates could barely muster any sort of offense on the field.

Given how great the San Diego defense played, all they had to do was convert two of their red zone drives into touchdowns.

Just check out the stats.   Brady throws for 3 interceptions, and Randy Moss has only one catch on the day. One only has to look at those key numbers and think that New England lost the game. 

Unfortunately, since I hate the Patriots, they have too many weapons that can beat you. Maroney and Faulk had 122 yards rushing and 86 yards receiving, respectively, and, along with Wes Welker and his touchdown catch, dominated the game for the Pats.

As for LaDainian Tomlinson, all I can say is thank goodness fantasy football season is over. If my fantasy title hopes rested on him, in a game of this magnitude, I would have been fairly disappointed.

I don't get it.  Philip Rivers plays the whole game on a torn ligament and played okay given the circumstances. However, Tomlinson, in the biggest game of his pro football career, quit after two carries.

He said he wanted vengeance from last year.  He wanted to rip Ellis Hobbs' head off after the "Merriman Shocker" dance in midfield after the playoff loss from a year ago. He said he was probable and good to go for the game on Sunday.

All I saw was a picture of a motionless statue of Tomlinson hiding behind that Darth Vader like helmet of his on the bench.

On another note, the game was as exciting as watching drying paint.


Green Bay vs New York Giants

The NFC Championship Game was the game of the day/night. There were lead changes, interceptions, missed field goals and three beautiful girls in bikini tops braving the minus twenty-two degree weather.

The Giants deserved to win this game, and they did just that, winning their tenth straight road game. Tiki Barber must be chewing on some crow from his NBC set at this moment.

Eli Manning showed everyone, including Barber, that the kid from Ole Miss can lead this team to a Super Bowl. He managed the game brilliantly from start to finish.  Given he did have an interception, he was able to engineer the winning drive in overtime, ensuring that for the second straight year there will be a Manning in the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, his thirty-eight year old counterpart had two picks, including the one in overtime that led to the Giants' winning field goal. Clearly, it's the sign of the times for Brett Favre, a sign that he must call it a career, which is definitely Hall of Fame worthy. However, he's most likely going to come back for another year, as he doesn't want his legacy to be tarnished from that interception.

As for the coverage on Fox, I have to say, it was a little too gimmicky for me. It was nice to see a recap of someone's first grade science experiment demonstrated by none other than Jimmy Johnson. It was funny seeing Tom Coughlin's face getting redder by the hour, as well as seeing the white patches of frost bite underneath his eyes.

Here's to hoping that this year's Super Bowl will be much more exciting than last.