Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior: The Feud Continues

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 30, 2011

Now, most wrestling fans relate Hogan vs. Warrior to their epic clash at WrestleMania VI.

The match will go down in history as a clean victory for the Ulitimate Warrior. After Warrior won the match and title, WWE expected him to take the torch and run with it.

Sadly, he did not have enough juice or a big enough fan base to be the next generation's Hulk Hogan.

I was a fan of Warrior as a kid and remember his title run as lackluster. Unfortunately, the WWE machine didn't get behind him like they did Hogan.

This could be for several reasons, one of which was Warrior's attitude. There have been many stories of his diva attitude and contract demands.

Whatever the reason, Hogan has held animosity towards Warrior since that match.

Many feel that it's due to Hogan's pride, as he had to drop the belt while he was the top guy. Previously, Hogan only lost the belt due to cheating or other underhanded methods.

About six years after WrestleMania VI, both Hogan and Warrior were in WCW. Word has it that Hogan hired Warrior to exact his WrestleMania revenge.

This would prove to be accurate as Hogan destroyed Warrior during their rematch. All of these years later, both men still have it out for each other.

Hogan took some shots at Warrior during a recent interview, according to Apparently, Hogan made a comment about Warrior being "handed the bullet to kill Hulkamania and was not able to handle it."

This led "The Ultimate One" to post a YouTube message to the Hulkster. In that message he says "Hey Terry (Hogan's real name), I found that bullet you're talking about, and karma is coming to collect."

Hogan retorted via Twitter, stating, "Negativity and Hulkamania – 2 things that don’t go together. Finish your weekend strong Monday, ignore all the rest."

Clearly, he was a bit bothered by the comments but not enough to really react emotionally.

In the end, who knows what this means? 

Chances are, this is just a war of words between two wrestling legends. Sadly, both seem to be bitter and have skewed memories from their wrestling past.