You Can Have Your BCS and Eat It Too...

Frank SanchezCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008


Just a brief introduction to my proposal. This would be a precursor to keeping the current BCS system OR changing it to a playoff format.

Currently there are no set guidelines to speak of in the NCAA Football world. Teams play in their conference and schedule non conference games to their liking. That needs to change.

The NCAA has no set format for naming a national champion, the only major sport with such flaw. That needs to change as well, as the NCAA should be involved in the National Championship process instead of just lending their name. That being said, the NCAA can do so by restrictions set up in its regular season scheduling.

All teams in the "BCS" Conferences will have to abide by said guidelines, which should improve SOS for Non BCS Conferences. Other than the set amount of Conference games, each team will play 12 games total—eight of which are conference—leaving room for four non-conference games.

The Pac-10 currently plays nine, which will have to be reduced to 8. The Big East plays seven, an invite to add a ninth team making it eight games would strongly recommended for its remaining as a BCS conference.

The four NON-Conference games will be scheduled as follows

One Non-BCS School or Independent (Not Notre Dame), if a RIVAL school is not in a BCS conference, they qualify.

One BCS School (Any BCS Conference not in the "Designated Conference Opponent" Notre Dame included)

One BCS School ("Designated Conference Opponent" not primary RIVAL)

One School set aside for school interests, rival, region game, etc. This is where a FCS team can fit it, but not recommended.

One Bye week for the regular season so each team starts and ends on the same week.

The conference championship game will move into the 14th week of the season, meaning every team starts week one and ends week 13. They can have two bye weeks if they play in a conference without a conference championship and they play on the 14th week.

The "Designated Conference Opponent" is that each BCS conference will be squared up versus another BCS conference, alternating the other five every year, Meaning each team in each conference will have to face a team from that conference in that year.

Keeping the BCS format that way would help to "improve" the image of the rankings thus honoring the actual No. 1 vs. No. 2 BCS National Championship.

Plus this format would help the NON BCS schools get up in rankings having to play a BCS opponent every year, thus improve SOS for them overall.

Even though it would lessen the SOS of BCS schools, it would do so as a whole thus not creating any harm, keeping it balanced.

Some schools would face a tough team like Fresno State, Boise State or TCU but that’s available to the schools that have the guts. Others would schedule "cupcakes" like San Jose State or Eastern Michigan as they always do, thus not really affecting anything.

Regulations of schedule to allow flexibility of school interests BUT having a standard across the board as in all other sports leagues should definitely improve competition and ranking procedures.