Where's the Impact? Who Should Be Cut from the TNA Roster

Shane WilliamContributor IIMay 29, 2011

Where's the Impact? Who Should Be Cut from the TNA Roster

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    To give the readers some information on myself, I've been a fan since I was very young and loved watching wrestling since I first saw it. The reason why I take such a big observation on TNA is because there should be no way that WWE is the only company in the business of professional wrestling. Every time it feels like TNA is on the cusp of greatness, they fall hard with an overbooked, incredibly complicated storyline. TNA has better talent than WWE; that to me is a fact, but WWE puts more emphasis on the characters than TNA does, and that is where they beat TNA. TNA has too many face to heel (vice versa) switches, which can't get a fan emotionally invested in that character.

    OK, back to this article. This article will be about the roster only and who I would cut if i was the leader of TNA management. Some choices are bigger moves than others, and some might look ridiculous, but I will provide my opinion on all of my choices. TNA needs to release the fat of the roster to get themselves to the next level of being a bigger promotion. Instead of going live or moving out of the Impact Zone, I believe this has to be the first move the promotion makes. TNA needs to stop being the family promotion and letting its wrestlers do whatever they want and needs to mark hard decisions and bring themselves to the next level.

1. Tommy Dreamer

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    Tommy Dreamer is a wrestler that has an amazing character, but his time is up, point blank. Tommy was on his last legs during his run on the WWECW brand, but seeing him wrestle now is too ridiculous. I respect Tommy as a wrestler, but now in his 40's, its just not believable to be putting him over guys like Styles and Daniels. I do think though that Dreamer deserves a retirement angle, because his career is one of a kind. Staying loyal to ECW until its dying days, being picked up by WWE and proving himself as a wrestler instead of a hardcore side trick.

    If I was TNA management, I would only retire Dreamer as an active competitor, because as an agent, I think Tommy would prove a lot of information and his veteran tactics. Dreamer also looks sane enough to run the booking committee, which might as well be a better idea. Some of the ideas that TNA has just doesn't make sense. So my final ruling is taking Dreamer out of his active wrestling and put him behind the scenes.

2. Ric Flair

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    Simply put, I don't get why Flair was hired by TNA. The only logical reason is for the nostalgia fact of having Ric Flair in your promotion.

    But what has Ric Flair done besides tarnishing his legacy? He has feuded with Jay Lethal and tried to promote Fortune to the next level. But I don't think Beer Money, Styles or Kazarian needed Flair to get themselves over, especially because all four have been original TNA members. That could have been their gimmick, not Flair's puppets.

    Before releasing Flair, though, I would have to put him in a PPV match with Sting. Now that's nostalgia. After the matches they've had, TNA should capitalize on that right now than later. I say give Flair that as his last match and then cut all ties. Also, because Flair was rumored to be one of the highest grossing performers on the roster without even actively competing, but that could just as well be a rumor.

3. Sangriento

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    The character of Sangriento is being portrayed as Amazing Red under a mask. If this is their answer to one of the best luchadors of all time, Sin Cara, then TNA has put themselves in the minor leagues. Just stop with a character like that. Obviously, the comparisons are going to be made to this character and newly signed WWE luchador Sin Cara.

    Who wins? WWE, because Sin Cara was the top draw in Mexico, and Sangriento is a sad attempt at trying to compete with WWE. The matches are good, but the fact that TNA only did this character for the comparisons makes me furious, so if I was TNA management, I would obviously stop using the character.

4. Scott Steiner

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    09 Oct 2000:  Scott Steiner celebrates defeating Ray Mysterio Jr after their bout at the World Chamionship Wrestling ''Thunder Down Under'' night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia. Mandatory Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT
    Scott Barbour/Getty Images

    Scott is another wrestler in TNA who, simply put, is past his prime. I can't remember a great or even well Scott Steiner match in TNA well, ever. But once again, sloppy booking by TNA that they keep re-inviting him back to the promotion and wasting television time on him. Scotty is obviously a brute force, and unless he is with a younger guy in a mentor type of role, Scott shouldn't be in the ring. That is the only way how Scott's career would be saved is if Scott got with a young force like Crimson or something and had the mentor storyline. But besides that, I would have to cut Scott if I was in charge of TNA.

5. Murphy

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    Just taking up space on the roster. There are better wrestlers out there on the independent circuit, and he was a part of TNA's security. That is what ruins this guy for me. After that gimmick, how as a fan am I supposed to believe in this guy to be a future champion? For Gunner, though, it works; might be just that X-Factor, but for Murphy, I don't see it. So I would have to give him the easiest cut.

6. Brother Devon

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    Unlike Bully Ray, Devon is a boring character by himself. Devon should get an agent job, though, in the back and leave room for the younger talent, another simple decision. Devon isn't having anymore great matches and especially not by himself. Have Dinero retire Devon and give Dinero a push.

7. Rosita

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    Really hot. Anyway, Rosita needs to improve in the ring if she's going to have a roster spot in the best women's division on the planet. TNA does succeed in their Knockouts, Tag Team and X-Division rosters when compared to WWE. Rosita just needs to improve, or else she would have to be cut. With the signing of Kharma to WWE, TNA needs to prove themselves better in their women's division. But by having dead weight like Rosita instead of a talent like Roxxi or Alissa Flash is just another flaw of TNA's booking. So sorry, Rosita, but adios.

8. Mick Foley

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    There is no upside to having Foley on the roster anymore, even though he is a legend in his own right. Mick has already been World Champion in the promotion and battled Abyss in a hardcore match at Bound for Glory. Instead of Foley being in the Executive role on Impact Wrestling, that should go to Bishoff, because Foley just doesn't have that boss feeling. TNA needs to release the talkers of the promotion and leave room for the actual wrestlers, and Foley falls in the category of the talkers.

9. Rob Terry

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    Simply can't wrestle. I believe we all can agree, and I'm not going to waste my time about writing more on Rob Terry.

10. Hulk Hogan

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    Was it a smart business decision to hire Hulk Hogan? Absolutely. I believe hiring Hogan was one of the smartest things TNA has ever done. Hogan has told the media he was the leader in getting rid of the six sided ring so that they could compete with WWE, which was simply smart. The six-sided ring just wreaked of indy promotion with a gimmick. Hogan also did tons of media before debuting in TNA, and his debut on January 4 was one of TNA's highest rated Impact shows.

    Now where TNA should go from here is to release Hogan. Business is business; they should just cut him like any other wrestler. TNA doesn't need Hogan anymore; they needed him for the attention and for what knowledge he had to give to the TNA locker room. It would be a smarter decision to fire Hogan now than it was in 2010 to hire Hogan. By releasing him instead of Hogan leaving, TNA would look bigger in the eyes of the fans on releasing the God of professional wrestling.

    TNA needs to release the fat that the company has accumulated since Hogan had been there with TNA. Hogan has turned himself into the section of fat within TNA due to some decisions that had left bad tastes in the TNA fans like the releases of most of the Knockouts Division, and Daniels, even though he has now come back to TNA.

    Simply put, releasing Hogan like it's no big deal would give TNA the push they need right now. Do it.


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    TNA should take these suggestions very seriously, because I know they're reading. I kid, but getting to the next level of the promotion, they need to take themselves seriously by making the hard decisions and purging the unnecessary talent. I will be making a few more articles on how to improve TNA as a whole, because the core of the talent are very good wrestlers, but the booking, etc. needs to change. So in my next article, I will be providing suggestions if I was TNA management and who I would hire. Until then, hope you enjoyed the read and let me know what you think.