Where's the Impact? Who Should Be Cut from the TNA Roster

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Where's the Impact? Who Should Be Cut from the TNA Roster

To give the readers some information on myself, I've been a fan since I was very young and loved watching wrestling since I first saw it. The reason why I take such a big observation on TNA is because there should be no way that WWE is the only company in the business of professional wrestling. Every time it feels like TNA is on the cusp of greatness, they fall hard with an overbooked, incredibly complicated storyline. TNA has better talent than WWE; that to me is a fact, but WWE puts more emphasis on the characters than TNA does, and that is where they beat TNA. TNA has too many face to heel (vice versa) switches, which can't get a fan emotionally invested in that character.

OK, back to this article. This article will be about the roster only and who I would cut if i was the leader of TNA management. Some choices are bigger moves than others, and some might look ridiculous, but I will provide my opinion on all of my choices. TNA needs to release the fat of the roster to get themselves to the next level of being a bigger promotion. Instead of going live or moving out of the Impact Zone, I believe this has to be the first move the promotion makes. TNA needs to stop being the family promotion and letting its wrestlers do whatever they want and needs to mark hard decisions and bring themselves to the next level.

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