Why I Love Being a Washington Redskins Fan

Jennifer JohnsonAnalyst IOctober 21, 2008

So today is definitely not a typical day at the Johnson House folks.  Most of the time my husband Bobby is still wiping sleep from his eyes, while at work I'm ready to greet the morning tasks at hand. 

Instead of that Tuesday routine, we die hard Redskins fans headed to Falls Church, Virginia, for the Quarterback's Club Luncheon, set to be held at the Fairview Marriott.   We have been to several Redskins events, and more after we got married (fun stat: We have a jersey with our wedding date April 5, 2008 and Mike Sellers autograph).

It's like Bobby tells me,  "My wife reminds me what time the game comes on."  It's true along with the laundry and trash dispensing, it's part of my wifely duties to root, root, root for the home team.  And that I do with great enthusiasm.   So off we go, and arrive about 20 minutes before "game time."

The banquet room was decorated in burgundy and gold, and we were directed to our table (No. 2). It wasn't long before the masses of b & g were strewn about.  A site that I thoroughly love to see.  This team has the best fans and I met some of the herd, and we reminisced about when we remembered becoming the big fans that we proudly are.

One gentleman seated next to me had driven from Cedar Grove, New Jersey to celebrate his passion for the skins.   He shared with us, the story of how his mother mistakenly purchased a Redskins helmet for him as a five year old boy.  She thought the Indian head on the helmet was the Chiefs symbol.   Oh well, thanks ma.  We love you. 

Another couple from Long Island New York, became fast fans of Darrell Green, and continue to make trips to see their team when they can.   I was in my element soaking up this knowledge, well because anybody that loves the Skins as much as Bobby and I do, are friends of ours.   There are no bandwagon bloggers welcome in my home.

After lunch was served and our plates cleared, the real fun began.  Usually this event is hosted by Doc Walker, longtime commentator on Comcast and former redskin player.  In his place was FOX Sports News Analyst Dave Feldman.  His hair is fire engine red, and his personality matched his physical appearance.  He was funny and engaging.  Note: He predicted the skins to go 8-8 this season.  I thought the same thing.

At 5-2 the Redskins have exceeded all expectations.   That St. Louis game is one they would like to have back, but as we approach Week Eight the Skins in attendance, credited Coach Zorn for being a "player's coach."  

Stephon Heyer:   "Before the Arizona game, I saw Coach wearing tape on his knuckles.  So I went over to him, and asked if he was planning on hitting somebody today.  Coach's response:  Bet I could move you around without breaking a sweat."   That's the coach we have hired.  This guy still thinks he can play, and carries that attitude into each week. 

Four players came out to show some love to the community.  Philip Daniels, injured d-line man and 13 year veteran.  Todd Yoder, backup tight end and resident class clown.  He said after the Q & A session was complete, that he wanted to shout into the microphone to make sure everyone was still awake. 

We were Todd, just the letting the moment sink in buddy, but thanks for caring.   As mentioned Stephon Heyer, starting offensive tackle, and Maryland alum, and finishing player attendance was Lorenzo Alexander.  Mr. 79 is a versatile iron man, playing both offense and defense line for the Skins. 

Quote of the day goes to L.A. "I prefer playing defense because that's when you are allowed to hit somebody."  Amen brother. And the Lions are going to go out this Sunday like lambs after one of your blazing bashes. 

The day concluded with an autograph session and pictures with the players.  I told Heyer I was also a Turtle fan, and  asked him do others fear him as much as they do the turtle.  Without hesitation he said, "It's always good to fear the turtle, but fear me when its game day." 

Stephon get well soon.  The shoulder injury does not seem to be a problem anymore, so he should be ready to start if Coach decides to play him instead of Jansen.   May the best player who makes the holes that Clinton Portis has run through so effortlessly win. 

All in all chalk the day up to another victory for the Johnson crew.   Stay tuned.  We hope to share more highlights of this season's activities.   From one Redskin for life to another.   "Let's go tame those Lions."