Roy Jones Jr.: Superman No More?

Clifford NadeauContributor IOctober 21, 2008

Since he took on John Ruiz for a Heavyweight title, Roy Jones has been a shell of his former self.  He has fought Antonio Tarver three times, and lost two of those fights, one by knockout. And he got knocked out by light handed Glen Johnson, a journeyman who was supposed to be a tune up fight.  Sure Roy beat Felix Trinidad in convincing style, but who hasn’t slapped Trinidad around lately?

He is not the same Roy that knocked out Glen Kelly with his hands behind his back.  He no longer has the ability to stick and move like he once did.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think he was a hell of a boxer in his prime, but he way past his prime, and this could be his last fight if he wants it to be or not. 

Roy will have some serious choppy waters to navigate come November 8th if he wants to win. Calzaghe has the high output that will keep Roy on the defense, and unless he lets his hands go during these exchanges, Calzaghe will be all over him and win the fight easily. 

I am not completely sold on Calzaghe being able to knock out Roy.  I think that the Johnson knockout was more of him giving up then an actual knockout and I would probably have to rate Johnson and Cazaghe about even on the power scale.

So, the question is with the November 8th fight with Joe Calzaghe just around the corner; does Roy actually have a chance?  That would depend on which Roy Jones shows up.   Will we see a hungry and determined Roy, or will he just show up for another paycheck?  I think it’s going to be a little bit of both.  He obviously wants to win and the prospect of one last mega fight with Hopkins should make him hungry for the one more payday.

I think that is he is fishing for the Hopkins fight since he made an appearance on the Hopkins/Pavlik PPV.  But after seeing how well Hopkins fought, is Roy even ready to step into the ring with a man that knows no age?  Is he ready to take on someone who proved his critics wrong and made Pavlik look like an amateur? Those are the questions that we will know the answers to soon enough. 

I would love to see the Roy Jones Jr of old in the ring on the 8th, but I seriously doubt that is even possible.  Unlike the man who wants to face him, if he can beat Calzaghe, has been showing his age for a while now.