Oakland Raiders Coach Hue Jackson's Success Guaranteed with Elite Staff

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 26, 2011

The addition of Rod Woodson to the Oakland Raider is a big factor for success on 2011
The addition of Rod Woodson to the Oakland Raider is a big factor for success on 2011Brian Bahr/Getty Images

2011 has been a great year for the Oakland Raiders as they have hired what may be the best coaching staff in the NFL. Big names like Rod Woodson, Steve "The Wiz" Wisniewski, former linebacker Greg Biekert, former Oakland Raider defensive coach Chuck Bresnahan (who worked with "Chucky" Jon Gruden), and of course Mr. Willie Brown.

To begin with lets look at the corner backs assistant coach, Mr. Rod Woodson. Just the mention of his name  and everyone knows who were are talking about. Rod Woodson was basically an interception master. Rod Woodson has played in three Superbowl's. One of those of course, being with the Oakland Raiders. Woodson is a Hall of Famer and played in the NFL for 17 seasons. As an Oakland Raider however, he has the record for most interceptions in a single game (3). Woodson is also tied for second for most interceptions (2) in a game with a return for an Oakland Raider TD!

When Rod Woodson was signed up for the position it was instant upgrade for the Silver and Black organization. Rod Woodson brings in a depth of knowledge for the Raiders. He knows ball hawking and solid tackling techniques. He will not only help Raider cornerbacks Stanford Routt, rookie Chimdi Chekwa, Walter McFadden, Chris Johnson and Jeremy Ware, but will also weed out the weakest links. Adding Rod Woodson is just wonderful planning by the master planner. Mr Al Davis!

Next is the assistant offensive line coach, Mr. Steve " The Wiz" Wisniewski,  If you have been an Oakland Raider fan as long as this writer you can already see what "The Wiz " (another Raider pro bowler) brings to the Oakland Raider table. Steve played Silver and Black football for thirteen years. He remained an Oakland Raider for his entire career and protected quarterbacks Jay Schroeder, Todd Marinovich, Vince Evans, Jeff Hostetler, Jeff ( do I dare say) George and lastly MVP Rich Gannon.

Basically, Steve Wisniewski has been protecting QBs for over a decade and his insight will not only help develop players such as his nephew, rookie C Stefen Wisniewski, agile and fast Bruce Campbell and strongman Jason Veldheer, but it will offer more time for QB Jason Campbell. Above all, Steve Wisniewski knows the AFC West and with his assistance, the Raiders should have no problem protecting their 6-0 record.

Greg Biekert has come back home! Greg was an elite linebacker for the Silver and Black. He was a solid player for nine years before being traded to the Minnesota Vikings, but he is back where he belongs, in the halls of the Oakland Coliseum. Biekert had been an assistant for the Raiders and now he is the linebacker coach. Hands down, there is no one better at this position than a former Raider.

Biekert was drafted in 1993 and on the average posted 80 tackles a season. Biekert was a true athlete in all sense of the word. He posted 704 tackles, 15 sacks and played in almost every game during his tenure. All around Biekert was solid and his ability to remain injury free will be key in the Oakland Raider rise to greatness.

The Oakland Raiders also resigned defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan. Bresnahan was with the Silver and Black when they won three straight AFC Western Division titles. He was also there when the Oakland Raiders returned to the Superbowl in 2002.

It should be noted that in 2002 the Oakland Raider defense or shall we call it the "Silver and Black Attack" ranked number one in the AFC with least points allowed, least rushing yards per attempt and they had the fewest rushing yards per game. Bresnahan being  resigned was another pivotal move by the Oakland Raider organization. For those who remember it was a great season until the team had to play against our  former coach.

Lastly, is the world class athlete Willie Brown who is the defensive backs assistant and squad development coach. Willie bleeds Silver and Black and has been a Raider forever. He will always be remembered as the interception king. In his 12 year tenure as an Oakland Raider, Willie Brown played in six AFC Championship games, he played in both Superbowls II and XI. Willie is definitely old school.

Willie Brown basically set the standard for DB  as he had true ball hawking skills which came into play when he ran back a 75 yard interception for the winning TD in Superbowl XI. Its "Old Man Willie "

The glory years then and with the staff the Oakland Raiders have supporting Hue Jackson, its obvious  to see that this team has everything it needs to become Superbowl winners again. Lets get the NFL lockout over with so the Silver and Black can train with the elite!