Forget The Numbers: Packers-Titans Part 1

Heath HeidemannCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

Yes, I know we have a bye week. Yes, I know they have one game in between. But if you were the Packers, would you take a week away from game planning against the NFL's remaining unbeaten team?

The Titans played the lowly Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were already without a reliable quarterback, and they had placed running back Larry Johnson on a one game suspension for violating the teams rules. Hosting undefeated Tennessee didn't help.

LenDale White and Chris Johnson combined for more yards than any quarterback in the league passed for this week. They literally ran over Kansas City's defense. The Titans passed very little, and with a day like that, why would you? Add to that the fact the Chiefs had to play a rousing game of quarterback carousel, and that Tyler Thigpen outran any other Kansas City running back, you can see why this one was a routing.

Later that day, we were treated to our Pack handling business of their own in Lambeau. Aaron Rodgers did what he needed to and than some. He kept a level head, committed no turnovers, stayed in the pocket for the most part, and most of all, he spread the ball around. The defense also stepped up in a huge way, keeping wide receivers Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne in check, making the lead receivers tight end Dallas Clark, and Anthony Gonzalez.  Above all of that, they made Peyton Manning look like a kid who was just told Santa doesn't exist. Hope I didn't ruin it for anyone out there.

So lets put it together. The Titans routed the Chiefs, and the Packers took care of the Colts. Lets look deeper in.

Tennessee, to nobodies real surprise, had the most of their success running it vertical with LenDale White, and the Chiefs allowed it. The attack was relentless, and when White slowed, in would come the fresh Chris Johnson. The Chiefs, however, did manage to move the ball through the air, despite burning through three quarterbacks. The majority of the success was of the five yard and over type of passes, with a majority to the right and middle.

Now Green Bay. The success they had was mostly from the air, although the ground game was in full swing as well. They balanced the run direction very well, attacking left, and right equally, and showed slight favoritism to the middle. Through the air, they were able to attack Indianapolis all over the place, but showed preference to the right and middle zones five or more yards out. Where did I hear that?

The Titans showed they can stop the run, at least against Kansas City. But even Kansas City showed you can pass on them. The Packers showed they can spread the ball around, and that they are getting the running game back in gear. Tennessee can run, and not just run, but power run. They don't have much in the way of an air attack though. Green Bay held Domineck Rhodes in check all afternoon, avoiding an embarrassing breakaway, gave Manning fits, and kept his targets out of the game.

If this game were to happen next week, the Packers would have no problems handling Collins and his recievers, which would allow them to put more attention on the running game. The Titans will get ground yardage, but what will they do when they have an opposing offense that can match it? Green Bay wins it.