New England Patriots: The Dream Continues

Chris RadezSenior Writer IJanuary 20, 2008

Was there ever any doubt?

Of course there was. There were Patriots fans everywhere who feared a loss more this season than they ever have.


It wasn't that they'd hate to see the Pats lose, but more that they'd hate to give everyone outside of the Patriots' fanbase the opportunity to point and laugh.

This hasn't been anything like the previous Super Bowl runs. This year, every single game was surrounded by criticism and ridicule—the Patriots couldn't do anything right.

I'm sure that I don't need to go into the whole SpyGate Scandal, I've written a column on that already, I think all that needs to be said about it in this one, for the sake of making my point, is that the impact it had on New England's remarkable season was incredibly over-exaggerated.

Next, Bill Belichick and Company were called out for "running up the score." C'mon people... this is the NFL. If you don't want to get scored on, play defense.

The Patriots have had enough experience with losing games in which they held a big lead (i.e. last year's AFC Championship). They weren't about to relive that.

New England certainly did not get to the top of the AFC unmatched.

The Colts, Ravens, Eagles and Giants all represented possible losses during the regular season. But New England's ability to dig down and come up with important game-winning drives is what really puts them above the rest.

This ability to perform under pressure is what takes a good team and makes them great.

The only thing left that stands between this organization and a perfect season is a trip to Arizona...where nature will play no part in stopping one of the greatest offenses to ever take the field.

If the New England Patriots are going to lose the Super Bowl, it will have to be caused by an extremely remarkable performance by their opponent. If that does indeed happen, it will be a very, very exciting game.

I don't know a single Patriots fan who couldn't live with that.