Did Eric Mangini Trick Jets Fans In 2006?

Joey CinquegranaContributor IOctober 20, 2008

The year was 2006, The Jets hired the youngest coach at that moment in time, and he brought something the current Jets players didn't see before with their last head coach, Herm Edwards. In fact, during that season Mangini bannished the word Playoff in the teams locker room.

He brought a team with little, to no talent at all to a 10-6 season, and a playoff berth, something most Jets fans probably thought was impossible.

2 years removed from that season, is Eric Mangini really all that much different to Herm Edwards? Or is it quite possible Mangini could be worse then Edwards?

Why I think it's possible he's worse? He has Brett Favre as his current quarterback. Herm Edwards had Chad Pennington during his time here. Everyone knows Chad has lack of a powerful arm. Mangini, and offensive coordinator, BrianSchottenheimer still run the offense as if Chad Pennington is still behind center.

Yesterday the Jets lost to the lowly, 1-4, Oakland Raiders by the score of 16-13 in overtime.

Next week, in fact the Eric Mangini led New York Jets will be facing Herm Edwards, and yet another lowly team in the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2007, Mangini won round 1 in the battle of two teams whose season was already lost by the score of 13-10 in ovetime.

It kind of makes you think that Chad Pennington really was never the problem, as he is doing actually decent with a team like the Miami Dolphins who has zero talent on the field, for the exception of Ronnie Brown.

If the Jets actually lose this game to the Chiefs, I think as a Jets fan, like all Jets fans will be throwing in the towel.

So what do you think Jets fans? Is Eric Mangini really a comparable coach to Herman Edwards?