Chris "The Polish Hammer" Horodecki: Working Hard to Get to the Big Show

Dwight Wakabayashi@WakafightermmaCorrespondent IIMay 19, 2011

Horodecki is one of Canada's top lightweights
Horodecki is one of Canada's top lightweights

MMA Live 1 Parisyan vs. Ford takes place tonight in London, Ontario. It is an exciting time in the local mixed martial arts scene. This will be the first ever mixed martial arts event held in London, even though the town is home to one of the top training centers in the country, and three of the best fighters Canada has to offer.

The Adrenaline MMA Training Center in London is owned and operated by three of the best fighters in the country; two are currently employed by the UFC and one is working hard to make his way to the big show. 

Chris "The Polish Hammer" Horodecki is officially the No. 7 ranked lightweight fighter in Canada but it says here that he should be in the top five. He holds a professional record of 17-3 and is coming off headlining the first mixed martial arts event ever held in Ontario with a submission win over American fighter Danny Castillo.   

I had the pleasure of talking with Chris while he was training at Adrenaline this morning, and asked him about how he feels now that MMA is legal in Ontario.

"It's great. I'm excited for the show tonight in London. The timing of my last fight and a personal commitment to my buddy's wedding in Cuba did not allow me to be on this card, but I am excited that it is happening in London," Horodecki said, in a small glimpse of how fight card timing, and commitment to training are key factors in planning and fight prep.

It is clear that Horodecki would have loved to be on his hometown's first ever fight card, but these guys are extremely professional and smart when it comes to their careers.

"There's no way I can be on the card and fight when I'm not in proper training leading up to it, and I had committed to the wedding a long time ago. I'm excited though, I will be there."

It was a real experience to be there while Chris was doing grappling training with some the other high level fighters at Adrenaline, such as Chris Clements, another local fighter and trainer who would have loved to be on the card, and told me that he asked for the headline fight with Karo but was unable to get it sanctioned.

Horodecki was training ground, take downs and take down defense while I was there and clearly had a purpose. 

"My focus right now is just train and work man. Work, work to get better. I'm a young fighter already has 10 years in this, and I have time to work and get better and UFC is the goal. I want to get there and I already have my next two fights scheduled and my opponents matched. I have one fight in July and another in November."

It has been said in the past that Horodecki is a bit of a small lightweight and might be better to move down to 145 pounds and climb and he doesn't completely rule it out.

"I would only move down to 145 for the UFC, and that's it." A pretty clear indication that it would take a big offer.

I asked when we will hear who he has lined up. "There will be an announcement soon," he stated.

I am looking forward to seeing Horodecki in action. He is one of Canada's best and has been in the cage with some of the toughest in the world. 

I look forward to watching his inevitable rise to the big show, and hope we get to see him make his debut in Canada.

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