Jets-Raiders: HA! HA! HA!

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2008

Fans who attended today's game must be soooo glad to see an unexpected win like this!

On the other hand, fans of the NFL, who said this game wouldn't be worth watching, and said the Jets would kill Oakland by such scores as you I say: "HA! HA! HA!"

By the way, I wonder if the following were watching that last game-winning, Raider-record-breaking, marvelous kick. Those of the following will claim we barely won, and only by luck.

Actually, it was over late by luck...luck for the Jets.



1) Michael Huff—who wasn't even in the game that much—Nearly had an interception at the Jets' 40, with plenty room to run. The ball was at his chest. It hit his hands, everyone thought he had it...And he drops it. Somehow. Remember: He had a lot of room to run, would've easily made field-goal range, and it was overtime. The game could've been over then. Or...


2) Brett and the drive that brought the game in OT. 1st-and-10 at the Jets' five-yard line. Brett Favre in a four-yard shotgun all by himself. He has pressure...might get a safety, no he just barely gets a throw off. If it was a safety, the Raiders would get the ball with a five-point lead, under a minute left, against a team without a timeout. Who wins there...?


3) Early in the game, Mr. Janikowski faced a 40-yard field goal. He's left-footed, and the ball's on the right margin. So close to making just barely hit the post, went wide.


4) The opening drive, Jets' football. The drive actually wasn't that impressive. The only reason they got three points was those dang defensive penalties.


5) 0-3 Jets. Raiders' ball, 3rd-and goal. Russell to TE Zach Miller for a TD, if there wasn't a flag. Not enough men on the line on Javon Walker. Walker was NO WEAR NEAR action, so it didn't matter. That would be four more points.


6)  Of course, the play that sent it in overtime, the field goal. The first one: no good, not by much though. But, Cable calls the timeout, and he gets a second shot. The second one: barely good, by less than the 57-yarder the Raiders made.


Yeah, so the Raiders actually sould've won before overtime, but I'll chill. WE WON!