Packers-Colts: Packers Show They Are Not Ready To Give Up

Stephen NowlinContributor IOctober 19, 2008

Week Seven, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Green Bay vs. Indianapolis this was a day that some Packers fans (including myself) were a little worried about. Of course we know about Peyton Manning and his Indy Colts track record. They have to be one of the best teams in the NFL over the past few years. Well, Aaron Rodgers has a little something to say about that it seems. 

The first quarter is the time to make your statement in most football games. It shows who is there to play and who is there to win. Green Bay proves they are the latter with Mason Crosby drawing first blood against Indy with a 31-yard FG after A. Rodgers let the Pack on a 13 play, 67-yard drive to start things off.

However, P. Manning and his Colts have an answer to the packers 3-0 lead. After Manning delivers a 10 play drive with a 70-yard gain to allow the three yard TD run by the Colts own D. Rhodes to give the lead to the Colts. 

At the start of the 2nd quarter Green Bay in great field position, Aaron Rodgers delivers a 12-yard pass to Donald Lee for the Pack's second TD of the game. The Colts back in control of the ball still cannot find the end zone.

Have no fear if Indy can't do it the Pack will. With only 2:49 left in the second Quarter Green Bay's R. Grant runs in with an 11-yard rushing TD giving the Pack a 17-7 lead at the end of the half. 

Third quarter, what kind of pep talk did the Pack get in the locker room. If they weren't doing well enough as it was they come out with Green Bays Nick Collins picks off a Peyton Manning pass and returns it for a 62-yard TD.

If that wasn't a slap in the face to the Colts I don't want to know what is. This quarter was not unlike the rest we have seen all day. The Packers defense was holding strong against the Colts. Not allowing another score since early in the first Quarter.

One impressive stat for the Pack is that through the third quarter they have not had to punt the ball once. Going to show that whatever magic there is in Lambeau Field it sure does like Rodgers just as much as any other QB to grace its presence. Mason Crosby hitting another field goal for the Pack giving them a 27-7 lead at the end of the third. 

The fourth quarter starts by me having to back down on what I thought was great. Green Bay having to punt within the first few moments of the fourth quarter. Which is still quite impressive considering they are playing Manning and the Colts.

At 4:43 left in the fourth and Indy at the six yard line ready to score, the impossible happens. Green Bays A. Rouse gets an interception at the one yard line and returns it for a 99-yard TD giving the Pack a 34-7 lead. Wow, if anyone would have told me that this would have been a blowout I would not have believed them.

1:45 left in the game and Indy in scoring position a 15 yard pass to A. Gonzalez TOUCHDOWN...wait over ruled. Next play to D. Clark for a Touchdown...wait over ruled again. Finally, a rushing TD by D Rhodes for a touchdown which will stick this time giving the Indy another seven points.

Green Bay back with the ball, Aaron Rodgers takes a couple of kneels and that will end the game. Green Bay with an outstanding game and an even better victory of 34-14.

Packers had an impressive game. A. Rodgers with a pass completion percentage of 21 for 28 186 total yards one TD and actually got nine rushing yards. R. Grant with 31 carries 105 yards and one TD. Rodgers hitting 10 different receivers for the 186 passing yards and 3 rushers for 116 yards . It seemed Green Bay has found that rhythm they have needed. With a now 4-3 record the outlook for the Pack is still very promising.

The Colts had a rough day today at Green Bay. Manning having a low pass completion percentage of 21 for 42 totaling 229 yards and two interceptions. D. Rhodes having a good day for Indy with 20 carries for 73 yards and the only two TD's for the day. D. Clark was Indy's best receiver with eight Rec for 81 Yards.

I do have to say that if Indy wants to keep their hopes alive with their now 3-3 record need to sit down and look deep down inside and figure out what the heck is going on.