Cowboys-Rams: Where Did The Dallas Magic Go?

Stephen NowlinContributor IOctober 19, 2008

  After Dallas started their season off with three straight victories only to follow it with a 1-3 streak something seems that the fire underneath the Cowboys is now put out. To make things worse for the Cowboys they are missing quite a few valuable players today. With out Tony Romo, Felix Jones, and Terence Newman the Cowboys needed to find some help off the bench.

  However, bringing in the more seasoned Brad Johnson as QB to replace Romo seemed to be the best decision at the time but after seeing him play against St. Louis showed us that it was not the best thing for the team. Johnson looking a little rusty on the field didn't seem to have the chemistry with his offense to make the plays necessary to score or even move the ball.  Brad Johnson with an unimpressive pass percentage of 17 of 34, 1 TD which was to little to late, and 3 Interceptions. We can just all hope that Tony Romo's little pinkie can heal enough to give Dallas the push they need to get back on Track.

  With Dallas not having many positive stats to write about, the same for the St. Louis Rams can't be said. With Rams QB M.Bulger having a nice pass percentage of 14 of 19 with 173 yards and 1 TD he seemed to have the composure to keep his team focused. The player of the game in my opinion was Rams RB Steve Jackson with 25 Rushes totaling 160 yards and 3 touchdown showed the Cowboys that they missed a great pick by passing him up. 

  With the Dallas Cowboys now going to a 4-3 season having to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home next week who depending on their outcome from their game with the Seattle Seahawks tonight will probably have the momentum to defeat the Cowboys at home if Dallas can't move on past this devastating loss.

  Todays game was nothing short of sloppy and poorly communicated football from Dallas. With the Rams coming off their first win last week against the Washington Redskins who if you remember beat Dallas at home in week 4. I guess all I can say is that Dallas started out as a Super Bowl bound team and now they don't even look like they can win a game on Madden 08.