NFL Picks Column Week Seven: Bills Over Chargers, Crowe Back on Pats Bandwagon

Sean CroweSenior Writer IOctober 18, 2008

I can't be blamed for last week. The NFL went crazy. I promise to do better this week.


Tennessee (-9) over KANSAS CITY

The best team in the AFC vs. the worst team in the AFC not from Cincinnati, and they’re only favored by nine points? Thank you very much.


BUFFALO (PK) over San Diego

As I said the other day in my week seven preview column, the Bills are desperate. But there are a few other reasons to go with the Bills as well.

*San Diego isn’t very good when they have to go across the country.

*Buffalo has a distinct coaching advantage.

*Can you say “Let down game”?

*Marshawn Lynch, meet the Chargers’ questionable run defense.


Pittsburgh (-9.5) over CINCINNATI

The “will they go 0-16” questions start this week. I’m not sure why people are underrating the Steelers this season. They’re as solid as any other AFC team.


Baltimore (+3) over MIAMI

What, in blazes, is Miami doing favored over the Ravens?


Dallas (-7) over ST. LOUIS

Even Wade Phillips can’t screw this one up. By the way, I did a pretty good job of destroying the NFC East last week, eh? Two separate columns talking about how great they are, and look how it ended up.

You’re welcome.


CHICAGO (-3) over Minnesota

I’m not sure which was a bigger gut-punch loss. The Tampa Bay Rays’ loss on Thursday night or the Bears’ loss last weekend. It’ll be interesting to see how they recover.

By the way, I’m taking them because I like Kyle Orton. I never thought I’d type those words. Ever.


New Orleans (+3) over CAROLINA

Jake Delhomme is my man, but seriously—what the heck happened last week?

The Saints are starting to put it together. They’re my Super Bowl pick. This is a “must win” for them. I can’t go against them.


San Francisco (+10.5) over NY GIANTS

The shine is coming off the Giants after that pathetic performance against the Browns in a nationally televised game last week. It was NOT a good week for last year’s Super Bowl teams.

They’ll win, but 10.5 is a lot of points to give up to a team that can score…



It’s this bad in Detroit. A one-win team is favored by 9.5 points. Not only that, but I can’t think of a reason to take Detroit…even with the points.


NY Jets (-3) over OAKLAND

I don’t like the Jets any more than the next guy, but how are they only favored by three against the more-than-pathetic Al Davis Generals? Even Brett Favre can’t throw THAT many bad interceptions.


Cleveland (+7.5) over WASHINGTON

I like Washington in this game, just not by 7.5 points. Although, I’m less enthusiastic about them after last week.

Last week was STRANGE. Norv Turner beating Bill Belichick. Cowboys losing in overtime on a blocked punt. Whatever it was that happened in Atlanta. And St. Louis knocking off the Redskins.

Very odd week.


Indianapolis (-1) over GREEN BAY

Indy favored by only one point against the Packers? Thank you very much, can I have another?


TAMPA BAY (-10.5) over Seattle

It’s not that I see the Bucs scoring a ton of points, it’s more like I don’t see the Seahawks scoring any points. At all. Zero. None.


NEW ENGLAND (-3) over Denver

The desperate team usually wins. The Broncos defense is awful. The Patriots are playing at home. When Belichick has a better team, he loses to the Broncos. The Patriots are not the better team.

You didn’t expect me to pick against the Pats two weeks in a row, did you?


Last Week: 6-7

Season Record: 42-41-2


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