TNA Fantasy Booking: Slammiversary

Shane WilliamContributor IIMay 17, 2011

TNA Fantasy Booking: Slammiversary

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    This is a fantasy, but should be realistic way into booking for one of TNA's biggest PPVs. I believe TNA has three big PPVs being; Lockdown, Slammiversary, and Bound for Glory. This article is going to be me going week by week into how I would book the TNA Slammiversary PPV. It is also still fantasy so there might be a few things that you think "TNA can't pull that one off". But I think TNA is on the cusp of being great they just need to cut Hogan and Bishoff's paychecks and give it to talent. TNA also needs to break barriers and book to greatness, not book to make a huge surprise which annoys the crap out of me. Well here we go, this is how I would book the first week on the road to Slammiversary.

1. Opening Segment: Network Representative Mick Foley

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    Foley opens the show with a new look Impact Zone, decked out in Impact Wrestling merchandise. Mick will introduce the crowd to Impact Wrestling, where wrestling matters.

    Mick then announces that Sacrifice was a great success of a PPV and the Network was pleased.

    But the Network has been upset with the treatment of the lackluster championship of the Television Title so it has been retired. Mick and the Network have thought of the introduction of the TNA Global Championship—I know they've used the name before, but different belt, different concept; think of it as the same level of the Intercontinental or US title.

    Mick announces the start of the tournament that will end at the Slammiversary PPV. Before leaving Mick Foley concludes by saying the main event will be Mr. Anderson versus Rob Van Dam.

2. Madison Rayne Versus Mickie James (Non-Title)

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    This is the first match Knockout match of the night.

    The match would conclude at the 10:01 mark, with Madison Rayne defeating Mickie James with the Rayne Drop finisher.

    After the match Madison would hijack the Knockouts Women's Championship and head to the backstage locker room as the camera fades out.

3. Backstage Skit

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    Backstage Brian Kendrick, James Storm, Robert Roode, Samoa Joe, Shannon Moore, Eric Young, and Jesse Neal are all layed out with the Mexican Flag on them as the camera fades to commercial.


4. Opening Round Match (Non-Title)

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    This match is the first Opening Round match for the TNA Global Championship. Kazarian, the reigning X-Divison Champion, will face the returning Chris Harris.

    Kazarian wins the match within 8:34 after hitting Chris Harris with the Shining Wizard.

5. Sting Interviewed

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    Sting is interviewed by Jeremy Borash about Mr. Anderson being the #1 Contender, and Sting talks about how he's all about being fair and where fairness is due by winning. Sting will give Anderson a shot for his TNA Title, even though he doesn't owe Anderson for being there at the right time because Sting beat Hardy when Anderson was the #1 Contender.

6. Jarrett-Angle Confrontation.

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    Jeff Jarrett lays Jeremy Buck out who was making his entrance with the Stroke on the entrance ramp. Jeff then lays out a challenge to Chyna right now.

    Mick Foley comes out and says that can't be done because of Spike's No Man and Woman violence policy. Mick does however schedule Jeff vs. Kurt at Slammiversary.

    Kurt Angle comes out and agrees to the match only if it's a No Rule, No Laws match. Mick accepts as Jeff diminishes to his knees in disbelief and Karen starts to hysterically weep as we go to commercial.

7. #1 Contender X-Division Match

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    This match is between Daniels and Amazing Red for a chance at the X-Division Title. The commentators play up if Kazarian is really focused on the X-Division title now that he is in the Global Championship tournament.

    After an amazing X-Division type match Daniels picked up the win after hitting the BME at the 14:26 mark.

8. Opening Round Match

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    This match is between Robbie E and AJ Styles for the Global Championship first round. Robbie E is accompanied to the ring by Cookie.

    During the match Tommy Dreamer comes out, gets on the apron. AJ charges him but this allows Robbie E to roll AJ up with a hold on the tights for the win at 9:56.

    After the match Tommy starts setting up a table for AJ until AJ ambushes Tommy until Tommy is layed out onto the floor with AJ walking back up the ramp.

9. Velvet, Winter and Angelina Segment

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    Back from commercial with Velvet Sky in the ring. She starts to call out Angelina Love. Winter attacks Velvet from the back until Angelina runs down to the ring with a Steel Chair. Angelina takes the chair and smashes it on a limp Velvet Sky held up by Winter.

10. Main Event & Conclusion

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    The match goes to a total time of 16:02 with RVD pinning Anderson after hitting the Five Star Frog Splash. After the match Mick Foley comes out to ringside and has news for Anderson. Because of Anderson's sudden lost it was felt upon tonight if Anderson had lost, that the Championship Match would have to be changed at the Slammiversary PPV. So the Championship Match isn't going to be a 3 Way Dance, or a 4 Corner Match, but instead the infamous and compelling King of the Mountain Match. This concludes the rebound episode of the Sacrifice PPV.


    This was the debut of Impact Wrestling, which I thought I did a good job of giving each match the time it needed for the matches to have meaning. Also I tried to incorporate each and every important feud that has been going on in TNA now. I left Chyna out for this week because she simply wasn't needed. From here it leaves the questions of:

    • Will Madison Rayne get another shot at the Knockouts Title?
    • Will Mexican America inflict more damage to the fellow wrestlers or will they be stopped by a sudden force?
    • Who's going to be incorporated in the next round of Global matches?
    • When will Daniels get his X-Division Championship match?
    • Whats the next level between Dreamer & Styles?
    • Is Velvet going to find a partner to even the odds or will she try and rescue Angelina?
    • Who are the other 3 Members apart of the KOTM match with Anderson & Sting?

    Let me know if you literally hate my fantasy booking, love it, think TNA should steal it. By the feedback I'll either continue or not with the Road to Slammiversary. But if you want more descriptions of the match, less, want to throw ideas at me, please do. Thanks.