UFC Main Event Possibilities 95-99

Sean SchimlingAnalyst IOctober 17, 2008

There's alot of speculation about UFC 100 and what will it bring. But I'm wondering if they do have an extraordinary main event,like they should,what would that do to the PPVs before? This article is about what those PPVs could look like(main event only).


UFC 95:

This PPV will follow the show-down between BJ Penn V.S. GSP, so it should be good, but not that good. My prediction is as follows:

Brock Lesnar V.S. Frank Mir 2

There are many ways this fight could happen, but i would bet both fighters lose their upcoming matches with Randy(Brock),and Nog(Frank). This would set up a rematch that would have huge potential, both fighters seeking redemption,and now that Frank Mir was a TUF 8 coach he is more marketable. Brock alone will make this PPV huge but now that Frank is a semi-household name this could be a classic.


UFC 96:

Matt Hughes V.S. Matt Serra

These two hate each-other, i mean despise each-other,but that would be their selling point. This is the fight that was supposed to happen at UFC 79, but due to injury Serra was unable to compete. They could have a month long build up show to give you insight on how each fighter is getting ready,back story,etc. This could prove to be a better fight than most would expect, Hughes is on the decline, and Serra is just as he always was and will always be, just an o.k. fighter. This PPV would gross almost 1,000,000 buys including myself, and then stick in an average Co-Main Event and there you go, a good card.


UFC 97:

Wanderlii Silva V.S. Chuck Liddell 2

The first fight was an instant classic,i didn't get up from my seat once. The second fight obviously wont match that classic first bout,but wont disappoint either. Both fighters are past their prime and will both most likely be coming off loses. With something to prove both will give their all in a last ditch attempt to seek a title shot,or at least get their name in the hunt. I know for a fact this fight would be an all-time high selling PPV ,because so many people were left wanting more after their first bout ended. Granted this is just a speculation pick,but could happen if Rampage beats Wandy, and chuck just stays inactive,this could be a real possibility.


UFC 98:

Lyoto Machida V.S. Forrest Griffin

This fight doesn't sound appealing now,but trust me after Forrest loses to Rashad in December,this fight will almost have to happen. Lyoto Machida will most likely walk through Thiago, and will be screaming for a title shot, now Dana will say something like this,"Forrest has a rematch clause in his contract,but Lyoto is the legit #1 Contender,so the winner of this fight will get a shot at the LHW champion." After all those damn promotion commercials you will almost feel like you have to order this.Like i said before maybe a 30 min promo show just to get you pumped and an average Co-Main Event, and there you go a pretty good card.


UFC 99:

This will be before UFC's biggest event ever so this event will be on free t.v. just for promo purposes,and it will be a weak card.

Dan Henderson V.S. Michael Bisbing (TUF 9 Coaches)(I Think)

This fight will happen because both fighters,i think will be the coaches on TUF 9. This fight will also be for the #1 Contender of the MW division. Both fighters will probably hate each-other by the end of the show,but that just makes for a good bout. This event will basically serve as a promotional thing for UFC 100,which i predict will have 4 title fights, plus one huge MEGA fight starring Anderson Silva and GSP.


This is my rough UFC 100 Card (The 4 title fights)

Randy Couture V.S. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (HW Title)

Rashad Evans V.S. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson(LHW Title)

BJ Penn V.S. Urijah Faber(LW Title)

Anderson Silva V.S. George St.Pierre(MW Title)