A Cutler Above The Rest

Brad JamesCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

A couple of weeks ago on Outside the Lines (Bonnie Bernstein looked really sexy as always), the 2006 NFL Draft was explored and to say the least it was an interesting program, more so than it usually is. In any case, all of the analysts interviewed agreed that Mario Williams was the right call as the #1 pick for the Houston Texans while Reggie Bush was a wise selection at #2 for the New Orleans Saints. However, as we Broncos fans know, the best quarterback in the draft was hands-down Jay Cutler. The Santa Claus, Ind. native has showcased his prodigious skills in numerous instances and made the Broncos' offense one of the more exciting units in the NFL. Of course, last weekend against the Jaguars, he didn't have the most stellar performance but for the most part, he set the NFL ablaze with his excellence and confidence. A brief glimpse of his 2008 statistics (12 TD's, 5 INT's, 1694 yards) suggests that he is the right triggerman for the kind of offense Mike Shanahan was deprived of running when Jake Plummer was the Broncos' signal-caller. Obviously, Jeremy Bates has been masterful as the offensive coordinator and Cutler is at his best with all of his weapons intact (Eddie Royal should be able to play Monday at New England, so that's a relief) as well as an underrated offensive line that does an excellent job protecting him (the Broncos have surrendered only two sacks this season, an NFL low). Nevertheless, this is a quarterback league and talent-wise, Cutler is in the same class as signal-callers such as Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb. His bravado has also won him the admiration of Jim Rome (who doesn't hand it out casually, incidentally Van Smack has also spoken highly of me on the air. I hat to brag, but...) and if he can stay within Shanahan's offensive framework, he will dominate the league, perhaps not to the extent of the legendary John Elway, but he will be comparable. If you want to hear Cutler's assessment of Elway (or anything else for that matter), he'll certainly give you a wide variety of opinions on any topic as he's already said he has a stronger arm than the "Magnificent Seven." Whether that's true or not is beyond the point and I couldn't care less about Cutler's boasts so long as he hoists a Lombardi or two in Bronco orange and blue as Elway did. Broncos fans, may we rejoice as while the team needs to improve (what team doesn't at this stage?), the foundation is laid for both short and long-term success with Cutler in our lineup.