MMA Video: Karo Parisyan Talks Upcoming Fight, Inner Demons and His Future

Michael Evans@@MikeEvansMMACorrespondent IIIMay 14, 2011

MMA Video: Karo Parisyan Talks Upcoming Fight, Inner Demons and His Future

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    Former UFC welterweight contender Karo "The Heat" Parisyan is on the comeback once again. 

    Karo has suffered from personal struggles such as painkiller dependence and self-doubt. 

    He was one of the top 170 fighters in the world just a few short years ago, and is now trying to put the pieces of his career back together.

    He fights in May for the first time since a UFC 123 loss to Dennis Hallman. 

    Parisyan seems ready to be in a better state of mind, and prepared to start winning fights using the judo throws that made him one of the best and most exciting fighters in the UFC. 

    Karo always brought the heat and constant pressure to the Octagon. 

    He had wars with fighters like Matt Serra, Diego Sanchez and Nick Diaz. 

    Hopefully, Parisyan is serious about getting himself back on track. 

    He was only 20 years old when he first entered the UFC, and he is now 29.  He still has plenty of gas left in his tank, and it is time for him to start his climb back to the top. 

    If he has truly put his personal demons to rest, then there is no doubt that he can be a force to reckoned with once again.  Only time will tell if he can stay on the right path, but his rededication to the gym and sport of mixed martial arts is a breath of fresh air for his fans.

Watch the Exclusive Interview with Former UFC Welterweight Karo Parisyan

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    Watch the video below to catch up with former UFC welterweight contender Karo "The Heat" Parisyan.