TNA Impact Wrestling: What's More Important, Traveling or Live TV?

troy smithContributor IIIMay 13, 2011

This week I listened to an interview with Hulk Hogan. He talked about how important it is to him to take newly renamed TNA Impact Wrestling on the road. He said that it is the biggest step that the company can take right now.

He also said that he had recent meetings with Spike TV talking about taking the show on the road. Many people agree that Impact needs to be on the road more often.

Another move that many in the wrestling world think that TNA should make is having the show be live each week. In this article I’ll look at the positives of each move for Impact wrestling.

First off, let’s look at going live. I enjoyed yesterday's episode of Impact very much. The only thing that hurt the show for me is that the surprises were not surprises. I knew two weeks ago that Chyna was Kurt Angle's “mistress” and the Mick Foley was the Network Representative.

I know that some people will say that I should not read the spoilers, but they were impossible to avoid. Every wrestling website, YouTube channel and wrestling radio show was talking about it. As good as last night's show was, it would have been that much better if it had been live.

I remember last year when Impact moved to Monday night. They had the show live one week and taped the next week. I always looked forward to the live shows a lot more.

The advantage of going on the road is that it helps with the booking. You get to see how crowds all over the country react to wrestlers and story lines. Right now Impact only has the Impact Zone crowd to go by.

For example, The Impact Zone hates Robbie E. However, crowds in Texas, Kansas and California might love him. I’m sure he’d get a great reaction in Jersey.

Also there’s money to be made from ticket sales. You also have a better chance of selling merchandise. People may not want to order merchandise online, but when they’re at the show and having a good time, they might grab themselves an AJ Styles shirt or a Beer Money cap.

I’d rather see the show on the road personally, but I’m interested in what all of you think. Would you rather see Impact remain taped but be in a different city each week?

Or, would you rather see the show stay in the Impact Zone but be live every week?