IMPACT Wrestling Review: May 12, 2011: The Network & Angle's Mistress Revealed

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 13, 2011

Some big things went down this Thursday night. Matt Hardy's tag team partner, Kurt Angle's 'mistress' and The Network were revealed.

Here are the results and my take on the show:

The show started with Karen and Jeff Jarrett in the ring. Karen said that this whole thing between Kurt, Jeff and herself has been a big misunderstanding. Karen and Jeff wanted to put this behind them and move on.

Karen said that she and Jeff will gladly accept an apology from Kurt tonight.

Angle hit the ring.

Angle didn't want to call it off. His 'business partner' was in the building; and he let the crowd know her identity would be revealed later in the night. Angle told Jeff that he knows who his 'mistress' is.

Knockout tag team action began the evening: Madison Rayne and Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher and Knockout champion Mickie James.

Mickie and Tara started off the match with a series of arm drags then hit each other with drop kicks. Both women got up and Mickie extended her hand. Tara looked at Madison who was yelling at her and Tara shook James' hand then tagged Rayne in.

Madison yelled at Tara some more then turned around and got taken down by James. Mickie started laying in some shots down on Rayne. Mickie tried picking Rayne up but Madison was quick to knee Mickie in the midsection.

Mickie went down and upon getting to her feet was met by a vicious kick to the head by Madison. Rayne went to yell at Tara some more.

Madison turned around to see the red hot—fresh to the match and also damn good looking—Miss Tessmacher. Madison laughed at Miss T and considered her a joke.

Ms. T hit Madison with a series of forearm shots. Madison sent Ms. T to the corner and charged at her. Ms. T got the boot up and climbed the rope, pulled Madison close, climbed her shoulders and hit her with a victory Roll.

1, 2, 3; Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher win. It was another good showing for Ms. T as she pinned the former champ.

Post-match, Madison started yelling at Tara but Tara walked out.

Backstage we followed a so-called Wrestling God; Ric was back.

Flair entered Hulk's office and the Big 3 were together again: Hogan, Bischoff and Flair.

Hogan accused Flair of being the Network Executive since he was out of action. Flair said he was gone because of his injury. Bischoff cooled things down between them and the Big 3 are on the same page again.

Still backstage was the lovely Tara. She talked trash about Madison who sneaks up behind her. Madison says once she wins her title back at Sacrifice, she's going to make Tara's life a living hell.

Then the cameras followed Tommy Dreamer backstage. The camera guy asked Tommy why he attacked AJ. Tommy refused to talk about it, until AJ confronted him of course.

Dreamer said AJ is too young and innocent to understand. AJ said he is the father of three kids and stabbed Tommy in the eye with a fork. AJ believes the EV2 dilemma turned Dreamer heel. Tommy still claimed AJ doesn't get it. AJ challenged Tommy to a match at Sacrifice.

Better yet, AJ challenged Dreamer to a fight in the parking lot. Tommy walked away; AJ said that's not the Tommy Dreamer he knows.

Tommy said to himself, "Nobody knows me."

Sting promised that The Network Executive is in the building.

Beer Money came to the ring and called out Matt Hardy. Beer Money thinks they know who Matt's partner is.

Matt came out and talked trash about Beer Money, primarily about Storm.

The Hardy Boy claimed his partner is not who everyone thinks it is, mainly Jeff Hardy, and went further to say his partner knows all of Storm's weaknesses.

Music played and out came "Wildcat" Chris Harris! Former AMW partners stared each other down and Matt said he'll see Beer Money on Sunday.

Later, Christy Hemme was in the ring and announced an X Division match.

TNA newcomer, Sangriento came out. His opponent: Suicide, a rematch from last week.

The match started with Suicide pulverizing Sangriento in the corner with big punches and clothes lines. Sangriento built momentum after taking Suicide down with a drop toe hold, followed by a drop kick and a hurricanranna. Suicide rolled outside the ring.

Sangriento launched himself over the ropes in a twisting motion, with three or four full spins before landing on Suicide. Sangriento rolled Suicide into the ring and laid him out with a beautiful missile dropkick.

Sangriento lifted his mask to show his mouth, smirked, and charged into Suicide with an explosive forearm shot. Sangriento bounced off the ropes then ate a big boot by Suicide. Suicide mounted the fallen Sangriento and rained punches on him. 

Suicide powered Sangriento down for a two count. Both guys exchanged chops in the center of the ring. Sangriento went for a kick to the head. Although Suicide ducked, Sangriento caught him with a modified spinning wheel kick.

Sangriento rocked Suicide and followed up with another wheel kick and a spinning DDT for a two count. Sangriento climbed to the top rope and jumped. Suicide moved but Sangriento was quick to roll out mid-move. Suicide caught Sangriento with a kick and then: Suicide Solution! 

Sangriento kicked out a two.

Suicide was in disbelief and sent Sangriento to the corner. Sangriento got the boot up and climbed the rope. Sangriento jumped and pulled Suicide down face first, like a Pay Dirt (see Shelton Benjamin) off the top rope.

Sangriento stood Suicide up, hit him with a kick to the stomach, springboarded and boom: Sangriento hit his springboard RKO Cutter for the win.

Sangriento two, Suicide zero.

Immortal's music played while both guys were still in the ring. Sangriento started to leave and the Big 3 were walking to the ring. Suicide stood up in the corner, but Flair hits him with a low blow.

They continue to disrespect the X Division.

Hogan demanded to see The Network Executive before a commercial break.

When the show came back, the Big Three and The Jarretts were in the ring. Hulk wanted The Network.

"Bang! Bang!"

Mick Foley's music played and out he came! He hit the ring and announced he is the Network Executive! 

Bischoff got in Foley's face and Foley told him not to get in his face and shoved Eric to the ground. Foley said that if anyone touches him he has the power to fire them.

Foley cut a promo saying that wrestling matters now. He said it a lot actually. Foley officially changed the name from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling to Impact Wrestling.

Foley annouced the main event for the night: a 25 Man Battle Royal.

The winner would be the number one contender for the world title at Slammiversary. 

Mick also revealed Angle's mistress. Chyna entered the Impact Zone! Karen Angle was completely deflated when she saw her!


We're back and Mick Foley was backstage with Chyna. Foley talked about making an impact and how wrestling matters. He told Chyna that wherever Karen Angle/Jarrett is, she has to be. Chyna went in search of Karen.

Mr. Anderson addressed Mick Foley. Anderson said that Mick has been screwing him out of his rematch, but Mick put Anderson in the Battle Royal and Anderson was going to enjoy eliminating 24 other guys to win the match.

Mike and Taz ran us through the Sacrifice card for this Sunday.

Abyss came out and Hemme announced a three way match. Next Crimson came down the ramp, followed by Samoa Joe.

The match started with Abyss attacking Crimson in the corner as Joe looks on. Joe decided to get involved and hit Abyss with a lot of punches. Joe headbutted Crimson and Abyss but was caught in a headlock by Crimson.

Joe backed into a corner and rocked Crimson with a kick to the head. Joe hit Abyss with an Inverted Atomic Drop followed by a big boot to bring The Monster down. Joe went for a choke hold on Abyss but Crimson hit Joe with a kick.

Crimson went after Abyss, grabbed the Monster by his head, hit him with a knee to the face followed up by a neck breaker. Joe and Crimson stared each other down before going after each other.

Crimson grabbed Joe, in similar fashion as he did Abyss, and laid in the knees to the head. One of the knees really caught Joe and Crimson ran at him, but was turned inside out by a sudden snap slam.

Joe taunted over Crimson, only to turn around to a Black Hole Slam. Abyss taunted the crowd then turned around to be taken down by a spear from Crimson. Abyss rolled out of the ring and Crimson saw Joe was knocked out. Crimson pined Joe to continue his undefeated streak.

After the match, Crimson was attacked by Abyss again and, again, while Samoa Joe walked out. After beatin' up on Crimson, Abyss' music played and we got a close up of The Monster's face.

Abyss was missing about four bottom teeth. It's nasty. He looks unhuman. All you could see were two teeth jutting out from Abyss' mouth. He had his teeth knocked out by RVD a week or two ago.

Main event time: 25 Man Battle Royal.

I could tell you who was in it but it'll take too long so I'll say who wasn't in this match. 

Any Knockout, Max Buck, Jeremy Buck, Chris Harris, Kendrick, Amazing Red, Sangriento, Suicide, Samoa Joe, Abyss, RVD, Sting, Crimson, Motorcity Machine Guns, Murphy, Rob Terry and Desmond Wolfe.

Every one else on the Impact Wrestling roster was in the match.

Once the bell rang all hell broke loose. Matt Morgan tossed out Magnus, Williams, OJ and Anarquia in less than five minutes.

While everyone was beating the crap out of each other in the ring, Eric Young ran back and forth along the ring apron. Jarrett pulled him in then beat him down.

The match went a little while without an elimination until Jesse Neal left the ring courtesy of Hernandez. Shannon Moore tried to avenge his partner, but Hernandez lifted Moore over his head and threw him out of the ring and at Neal.

Shortly after Ink Inc was gone, Matt Morgan eliminated my dude, Robbie E. Imagine if Robbie E won and became number one contender for the world title...oh, anyways.

Television Champion Gunner threw EY over the rope, but Eric hangs on. The camera cuts to a different part of the match but EY was not eliminated. We got a full shot of the entire ring and saw Eric Young grab TV Champion Gunner and eliminate him!

Eric is so happy he started jumping over the ropes and onto the ring apron and goes back and forth. Eventually, EY jumped over the ropes and down to the floor, celebrating his elimination.

He grabbed the Television Championship belt from SoCal Val and claimed that he won it by eliminating the champion. EY held the belt high over his head, but Gunner saw him and chased him up the ramp.

Double J was on the ring apron and Kazarian tried to push him off. Jarrett grabbed Kazarian and suplexed him over the rope and out of the ring. Kazarian started favoring his knee when he fell to the floor. The X Division Champion may have tweaked his knee.

Matt Hardy and James Storm were punching each other while they both stood on the apron. Both men fell off the apron and out of the match but continued to brawl outside the ring.

Impact Wrestling referees broke up the fight as Robert Roode watched on. Matt Hardy pulled Roode over the top rope and none of the refs saw it so Roode was eliminated.

Mick Foley joined Tenay and Taz at the announce table and the camera suddenly cut back to the ring and Daniels was laying on the floor. He was eliminated by Bully Ray I believe. Then Pope runs by Daniels and was being chased by Devon. Both guys got back in the ring, 

Both Devon and Pope were still in this. They must've gone through the ropes not over them.

Morgan is hitting Hernandez with elbows in the corner then clotheslines him over the rope. Hernandez is eliminated. From behind, Scott Steiner tosses Morgan over the rope. Morgan is now eliminated.

Steiner was pointing at Morgan and Matt grabbed his arm and Bully Ray came from behind Steiner and eliminated him. Credit Morgan with an assist.

The Pope eliminated Devon then started taunting him. From behind Kurt Angle eliminated Pope. Pope and Devon are gone.

There were six people in the ring by now: AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, Jeff Jarrett and Tommy Dreamer.

Bully Ray had AJ up on his shoulders, but AJ slipped down Ray's back and hit him with a drop kick which sent Ray over the rope but not to the floor.

As AJ was getting up from his drop kick Tommy Dreamer attacked AJ from behind and eliminated him. Bully Ray got back in and high fived Dreamer...then eliminated him. Ray screwed Dreamer.

On the outside, AJ hit Tommy with a knockout punch.

Final Four: Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, Jeff Jarrett.

A lot of back and forth between these guys. Jarrett and Angle fought and at the same time Bully Ray and Anderson fought.

Anderson dropped Ray with a neck breaker and Ray rolled out of the ring. Jarrett backed into Anderson and ducked a clothesline delivered by Angle. Anderson was hit and fell through the second rope. He's still safe.

Kurt Angle was like a house of fire when he was alone with Jeff. Clotheslines, suplexes, you name it. Angle picked Jeff up in an Angle Slam and walked towards the ropes. Karen prevented Kurt from tossing Jeff.

Kurt grabbed Karen and pulled her up onto the apron. That gave Jeff enough time to throw Kurt out from behind. Another assist goes to Karen. How many times has Karen saved Jeff?

Anderson and Bully Ray were still outside the ring and the Jarretts didn't know so they celebrated what they thought was a victory. Chyna came from behind and tossed Jeff out of the ring. Chyna grabbed Karen by the throat but Jeff pulled her out of the ring.

The Jarretts ran and Chyna and Angle walked back up the ramp.

Anderson and Ray crawled into the ring and went back and forth for awhile. Anderson had Ray down and went for a swanton bomb but Ray got the knees up and threw Anderson over the rope.

Anderson held on and grabbed Bully Ray, pulled him over the rope and to the floor. Mr. Anderson is the number one contender come Slammiversary!

Anderson claimed he will win the title at Slammiversary and called RVD and Sting assholes.

It was a good show. There wasn't as much as in-ring action as recent weeks, but that's because they had to reveal Hardy's partner, The Network Executive and Angle's mistress.

The main event was given good timing and was done nicely. How often do you get to see a 25 man battle royal in TNA? Or should I say, Impact Wrestling.

I like the feud between Suicide and Sangriento. Both are masked wrestlers and X Division talent. They put on a good show together. I know who wear's Sangriento's mask, but who wears Suicide's?

Miss Tessmacher continues to impress me. She is quickly becoming my favorite Knockout on the Impact Wrestling roster.

Crimson is a up and coming superstar on the roster and it is good that he keeps his undefeated streak heading into this Sunday.

The return of Chris Harris makes me think that he is in Immortal. Either way it's good he's back.

It was a good show. The best part was the battle royal and Sangriento vs. Suicide.

The Knockouts match was short but a good way to show tensions between Rayne and Tara.

All the reveals were shocking and a pleasant surprise. 

TNA officially goes by the name Impact Wrestling now. They changed the appearance of their website. The weird thing is that the web address is still I hope Impact Wrestling keeps TNA as a slogan or catchphrase.

Check out their 'new' website here


Sacrifice (This Sunday. May 15, 2011) Card:


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: RVD vs. (c) Sting

Kurt Angle & Chyna vs. The Jarretts

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Matt Hardy & Chris Harris vs. (c) Beer Money

X Division Championship Match: Max Buck vs. (c) Kazarian

AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

Mexican America vs. Ink Inc

Abyss vs. Crimson

Robbie E vs.Brian Kendrick (Don't be surprised if this is a dark match)


I'll write my predictions for Sacrifice tomorrow. Right now I'm tired. Thanks for reading and please comment!


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