WWE Over the Limit 2011: John Cena Will Make a Fool of The Miz at Sunday's PPV

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IMay 17, 2011

We all know that John Cena will defend his WWE Championship against The Miz this Sunday at Over the Limit in an I Quit Match.

The revelation that Cena will, for the fourth time in his career, participate in this particular type of match is not a surprise. We knew the match was coming, and, with the exception of a select few, we all believe he is going to win.

It would be easy for me to refer to Cena's "Never Give Up" gimmick and how this makes the match predictable. Of course it does, Cena has rarely submitted in a match since his debut in 2002. He also has never officially tapped out since his first became WWE Champion, five years ago.

Whilst some have predicted the same end result to Cena's previous I Quit matches, other fans are hoping for one of three outcomes that could benefit The Miz.

The first is the most likely where Miz takes a note from The Rock's playbook. At the 1999 Royal Rumble The Rock had to fight Mankind, a.k.a. Mick Foley, in the same type of match.

Considering Foley's track record it was unlikely that he was ever going to say these words.

Rock proceeded to beat Foley unconscious and then have a recording from an early Mankind promo play over the PA system. "I Quit" was heard and the ref ended the match.

Another possibility is that Miz will do the "Hostage Scenario". We've seen it in plenty of I Quit matches when the person WWE doesn't want to say I Quit has a reason to when he is about to win. Take someone Cena cares about more than the title—e.g. a child fan—and threaten to throw them off something high.

Those two options, however, seem pointless.

Cena may as wall have lost the title at Extreme Rules if he is to lose it back to The Miz on Sunday.

The third option is to give Miz credibility whilst giving Cena the win.

Some hope for a similar situation to the Austin/Hart match at WrestleMania 13.

Miz will pass out whilst in an STF and the match will end on a technicality. Cena's opponent, however, isn't the sort of character who can take loads of abuse and hold out. A character boost also risks turning Miz into a face at a time where top heel talent is thin.

The fact that this is Cena's match isn't the reason why he will look like a fool. It will be down to the fact, at the end of the match, he will say "I Quit". Or should I say because of what will happen after he says those words.

As I've previously mentioned, Cena has been in three matches of this sort before. His opponents were JBL, Randy Orton and Batista. Saying "I Quit" never did their careers any damage.

JBL was a coward to begin with; Randy Orton managed to rebuild his misfortune into a highly successful face run; Batista left the company the next day, so the loss never had a chance to affect him.

Considering The Miz is such a cowardly character, it will do him no harm to give up on this match.

What I believe will make him look like a fool is potential actions which are bound to happen after the match.

JBL gave up on his match in 2005 when Cena threatened to beat him down with his Limo's bumper. After the match was done Cena continued to use the bumper to drive JBL through a pane of glass being used as part of the set.

Randy Orton avoid such embarrassment since he was trapped in a handcuff assisted STF.

At last year's Over the Limit event, Batista was hoisted onto Cena's shoulders as he stood on a car positioned on the ramp. An Attitude Adjustment was set up but The Animal quit before the move could be completed. Cena tossed Batista off his shoulders and through the ramp anyway.

Why should anyone quit against Cena when he follows through on the move he threatens to perform? It adds punch to the match, but from a scripted perspective it's pretty poor.

This Sunday's event needs Cena to be the bigger man and step away when he wins. Firstly, to maintain his face alignment; and secondly to allow The Miz to walk away with some dignity intact.