2008 NFL Power Rankings for Week Seven

J.J. McDermottCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

J.J. McDermott, NFL Columnist at Fantasy Football Maniaxs


Week six in the NFL was a week for the underdogs! Teams like the Rams and Texans are winless no more in 2008. The big story of the week was the New York Giants' fall from grace, losing on Monday Night Football to the previously one-win Browns.

How will the Giants' loss affect their rankings in Week Seven? See this and how all of your favorite teams fair in Week Seven’s Power Rankings.   


32.  Bengals  0-6-0

The Bengals are still winless and still without star quarterback Carson Palmer. Could the Bengals be last year’s Dolphins? Needless to say, there is no doubt that Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat this season.


31.  Lions  0-5-0

Once again, I congratulate Lions fans everywhere for finally firing Matt Millen, but the Lions fought hard and have added another loss to their total after Week Six. They were successful in one area at least, ridding the team of Roy Williams for a first, third, and sixth-round draft picks from the Cowboys in the 2009 draft.


30.  Rams  1-4-0

Surprise! The Rams have officially won a game in 2008. Just five more wins and Jim Haslett will be the new head coach of the St. Louis Rams. Not so fast Rams fans, Haslett and his team will have to get through games against the Cowboys, Patriots, and Cardinals next.


29.  Chiefs  1-4-0

The Chiefs were unsuccessful in moving veterans Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson before the trade deadline this past week. Speaking of Johnson, he is deactivated for Week Seven's game against the undefeated Titans; he should consider himself lucky.


28.  Raiders  1-4-0

34-3 against the Saints; poor Tom Cable. Things will not be getting easier for the Raiders, as they are forced to face the Jets, Ravens, and Falcons over the course of the next three weeks. On a positive note, the Raiders did not move Michael Bush before the trading deadline.


27.  Seahawks  1-4-0

We all know Charlie Frye is not the answer in Seattle. The Seahawks are desperately missing quarterback Matt Hasselbeck captaining their offense.  A 1-4 record cannot be what Mike Holmgren had in mind for his last year in Seattle, is it?


26.  Texans  1-4-0

Matt Schaub played the game of his life last Sunday. Schaub threw for a NFL leading 379 passing yards and won the game on a quarterback draw with four seconds left to seal the Texan’s first win of 2008.

The first win is always the hardest to get, but it may not be their only one with games against the winless Lions and Bengals in Weeks Seven and Eight.


25.  49ers  2-4-0

We know the 49er offensive line is as porous as they come, but what’s up with the defense? They rank in the middle of the pack in every category, but it may get ugly facing the world champion Giants in Week Seven.

24.  Browns  2-3-0

The Giants may have been able to put the beat down on the Browns in the preseason, but the Browns had the last laugh in their Week Six matchup, in which the Browns were able to chalk up their second win of the season.

Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards, and company came to play, so much for the Brady Quinn era in 2008. The Browns better stay on target with games against the Redskins, Jaguars, and Ravens set to be played over the next few weeks. 


 23.  Dolphins  2-3-0

The "Wildcat" formation only was able to get the Dolphins so far in Week Six's last-second loss to the Texans. Things will only get more challenging with the Ravens and Bills coming to town over the next two weeks.


22.  Ravens  2-3-0

Unfortunately for the Ravens in Week Six, Joe Flacco showed his inexperience en route to their third-straight loss in a row. Flacco and company will have a chance to redeem themselves as they face the Dolphins, Raiders, and Browns over the next three weeks at least.


21.  Saints  3-3-0

It is the week that Saints fans have been waiting for, Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey will reportedly be suiting up for Week Seven's showdown against their NFC South rival Panthers. The area of concern now in New Orleans is the secondary, giving up nearly 325 yards and 29 points a game.


20.  Vikings  3-3-0

Gus Frerotte and company overcame an early deficit against the Lions to bring the Vikings to .500 on the season. The Vikings are on a roll after a slow start and have won two games in a row; will their luck continue against NFC rival Bears in Week Seven?


19.  Packers  3-3-0

The defense has been decimated by injuries thus far this season but were able to keep the Seahawks at bay in Week Six to help bring the Packers to .500 on the year. Packers fans continue to keep their fingers crossed that Aaron Rodgers stays healthy and their prayers will be answered with a bye week coming in Week Eight to help rest the banged up Rodgers.


18.  Jaguars  3-3-0

Injuries on both sides of the ball have continued to hurt the promising Jaguars in 2008.  Luckily for them, they are blessed with a well-needed bye this week, just in time to take on the Browns, Bengals, and Lions in the coming weeks ahead.


17.  Eagles  3-3-0

The Eagles' defense sealed the win in Week Six to bring the team to .500 on the season. The defense will get a well-needed rest this week, as the Eagles hope that after Week Eight, they will also get a healthy Brian Westbrook back.

16.  Bears  3-3-0

After a heartbreaking loss to the young and talented Falcons, the Bears look to rebound against NFC North rival Vikings in Week Seven. The Bears look to take advantage of being at home this week to hopefully go into their bye week on a good note in Week Eight.


15.  Patriots  3-2-0

Talk about punchless, the Patriots barely put up a fight in Week Six’s embarrassing loss to the Chargers. The Patriots seem to still have confidence in Matt Cassel, but we will see if that confidence continues after games against the Broncos and Colts in two of the next two weeks.


14.  Jets  3-2-0

The Jets helped continue the Bengals' losing streak in Week Six but also did not help themselves either with Brett Favre throwing two horrible interceptions on the game.  But things could not be better with games against the Raiders and Chiefs the next two weeks.


13.  Chargers  3-3-0

Inconsistent is the name of the game for the Chargers. So far in 2008, it has been the Phillip Rivers show in San Diego. If not for their two heartbreaking losses to begin the season, the Chargers could have very well been 5-1 to begin the season.


12.  Colts  3-2-0

The sleeping giant has awakened! The Colts manhandled a Baltimore defense that has played well up until last week’s loss. Looks like the Colts of old are back but will be tested right away against the Packers, Titans, and Patriots on the schedule the next three weeks.


11.  Falcons  4-2-0

The Falcons are flying high after Week Six’s win. Matt Ryan has showed poise well beyond his years in captaining this young team. After not getting much love to begin the season, the Falcons are close to breaking the top ten in the NFL Rankings.


10.  Panthers  4-2-0

Before heading into last week’s matchup with the Buccaneers, Jake Delhomme was 7-1 against them, but that all changed in Week Six’s beatdown, where we saw Delhomme throw for three interceptions. Delhomme will have to get it together soon with games against the Saints and the Cardinals on the way. 


9.  Buccaneers  4-2-0

Jeff Garcia showed that he was the man for the job in Week Six, helping the Buccaneers beat NFC South rival Panthers, 27-3. Garcia may be able to keep his job, and he will get help, with two of his next three games against teams with only a single win so far in 2008.

8.  Broncos  4-2-0

We have talked about the Broncos' defense needing to step up, but where has the offense been the past two games? Monday night’s game should be interesting to watch and see if the Patriots plan to double up on Jay Cutler’s favorite target, Brandon Marshall.


7.  Cowboys  4-2-0

They have lost their last two of three games, and now Tony Romo may be out up to four weeks. Things are proving to be difficult as of late and just got worse with Pacman Jones suspended the next four games. Yes, they may have made the move to nab Roy Williams this week, but who is going to be playing cornerback with Pacman suspended and Terence Newman still injured?


6.  Bills  4-1-0

Thank god for a well-placed bye week. Word has it that Trent Edwards will be back from his concussion for Week Seven’s matchup with the Chargers. The Bills are going to need Edwards and everything they got against a hard-nosed team like the Chargers this week.


5.  Cardinals  4-2-0

In Week Five, they took their aggression out on a previously undefeated Bills team and then outplay the Cowboys in Week Six; are the Cardinals for real? Kurt Warner is looking like the Kurt Warner of old and now gets to rest up this week while on bye.


4.  Redskins  4-2-0

Every dog has his day and on Sunday, the Rams had the last laugh. There is plenty to be hopeful about in the coming weeks though, with games against the Browns and the Lions on the way for the Redskins.


3.  Steelers  4-1-0

After a well-needed bye, the Steelers are off to face a winless Bengals team still playing without injured quarterback Carson Palmer. The Steelers look to kick the Bengals while they are down come Sunday and chalk up win number five.


2.  Giants  4-1-0

From undefeated to beat by the Browns? The Giants were outplayed by the previously one-win Browns. One thing is for sure; the Giants did not show up in this game but what is more concerning is that the old Eli Manning has resurfaced.


1.  Titans  5-0-0

And then there was one. Kerry Collins and company went into their bye in Week Six as the second undefeated team in the league, only to escape as now the only team undefeated. Will they be able to continue their luck?


This is the way the rankings look for right now; tune in next week once again to see how your team fairs!


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