Can the Green Bay Packers Stop the Run?

Curtis SmithContributor IOctober 16, 2008

Through six games for the Green Bay Packers, they have had their highs and lows on defense, just like any other team. They have had great cornerback and linebacker play, while the defensive line and safeties have been a little “soft.”

Week Seven's matchup for the Packers becomes a little interesting. While fighting to stay atop the division, can the defense put together a game to stop one of the most prolific passers in the game today, and his backup running back?

The game between Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers will be a hard-fought battle between Peyton Manning and the Green Bay defense. The run game of the Colts is down to Dominic Rhodes and an unknown from the practice squad.

Let’s just count out the Colts' run game here, or should we? The Packers run defense has given up the second most rushing yards in the NFL and have been able to only force one fumble. 

The Packers have been average at sacking the quarterback, totaling 12 thus far. The thing that sticks out is the pass defense,  they have been above average when it comes to the yardage they have conceded, but are tied with most interceptions with 11. Manning has been down this year and has thrown five interceptions (probably due to some surgeries or something on those lines). 

Put that in the mix that the Packers are among the best at picking off the quarterback, Indy is going to have to rely on D-Rhodes to take them to victory. The Pack being at home will also play into their defensive scheme as well. Indy cannot play outside, and they will definitely not be able to play in Green Bay. 

The real story will be that the Colts are actually worse then Green Bay in run defense, and they are going against a solid back in Ryan Grant. Who is going to be the best defense when they take the field Sunday?

The Colts are giving up over 160 yard per game and because sometimes the best defense is a great offense, look for Grant to have a big game. In the end, it will end something like this;

Manning: 200 yards, a touchdown, and two picks.

D-Rhodes: 80 yards rushing, 20 yards receiving, and one touchdown on the ground.

Charles Woodson gets his league-leading fifth pick of the year, and he’ll take it to pay-dirt as well.

Ryan Grant will eclipse the 100-yard mark with two touchdowns.  

So, in the end, the Packers' defense will hold and prevail in victory 24 – 17, also keeping the Packers with at least a share of first place in the NFC North.