Indianapolis Colts: What Has Made Them Who They Are Today??

Aaron GlennContributor IOctober 16, 2008

The Baltimore Colts packed up their pads and moved to Indy in 1984. Leaving one town in despair for a football team, and bringing hope to another. From Johnny Unitas to Jeff George to Jim Harbaugh to Peyton Manning, the face of the Colts has been ever-changing since the franchise made the relocation.

But now, when you think of the Colts, you think, Peyton Manning. There have been many factors that have made the Colts who they are. For instance, the coaching changes. Indianapolis has never had what you would consider a "bad" coach.

Ted Marchabroda was one of the best, Jim Mora was about as average as you can get, Lindy Infante was a goody, and..well, Tony Dungy speaks for himself. While the coaching has been great in Indy, the personnel involved weren't always great.

We drafted Jeff George and he was the only flop that the Colts have had, because right after that year the Colts brought in Bill Polian from Buffalo, which brings me to my next point. Bill Polian is a genius.

Lets look at all the drafts he has saved Indy from draft-day doom. The most obvious has to be choosing Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf. Manning has won a Superbowl, meanwhile Ryan Leaf is somewhere kicking around a cardboard box out of the rain for shelter. The next ranking draft-day doom rescued was snagging Edgerrin James as opposed to Ricky Williams. Of course we will take a 3 time NFL Rushing Leader over a grass smoking Bob Marley wannabe.

Whether you are truly a Colts fan or not, there is no doubt in anybody's mind that the Indianapolis Colts went from rags to riches in less than a decade. the key personnel added make playing the Colts a very tough, gritty and horrendous experience for any team in the game. Look for more great years to come from this awesome franchise!