WWE on the Psycho Path: The 10 Most Demented Wrestlers Ever

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IMay 10, 2011

WWE on the Psycho Path: The 10 Most Demented Wrestlers Ever

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    WARNING: read the following article at your own risks!!! It is so bad that I have decided to do it again, with major corrections and an upgrade. The new one will be ready by Wednesday morning...!! I apologize to those who have already read the current crap and I hope you'll be there for the new improved version.

    In a previous slideshow, I ranked the 25 wildest wrestlers in WWE history*. The list featured the most animalistic and out of control individuals to have stepped in a ring. I considered them wild because of their overall excited demeanors and because they never seemed to calm down.

    However, with the comments received and after some thinking, I realized I could come with another category of demented wrestlers. This time, I would like to rank those who are not under a constant adrenaline rush, but who can be considered as psychotic, bi-polar or generally demented.

    Those man can have maniacal tendencies, but usually calm. Or they can be cool then they can suddenly snap. They can also be just crazy.

    So, with no more introduction, let's roll on the WWE psycho path and see who made the cut. 



10. Edge

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    "You Think You Know Me" are the words we can hear at the beginning of his entrance song and it fitted his persona perfectly.

    When he debuted, he was a mysterious loner who assaulted random people on the streets, for no reason. He then joined The Brood and became a vampire for nearly 10 months.

    With his tag team partner, he dropped the vampire gimmick, but kept the Gothic look. Edge and Christian emerged as one of the greatest tag team ever in WWE, with numerous comedic segments.

    After his tag-team journey with Christian, he became a top wrestler in the singles division. He then became noted for his affinity for mind games, earning the Master Manipulator moniker.

    He was also The Ultimate Opportunist who once was obsessed about the World Heavyweight Championship. And, before delivering the Spear, he became possessed and pulled his hair, with a psychotic facial expression.

    When his rival was down, his cool guy mannerisms returned.

9. The Dudley Boyz

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    From 1999 to 2005, the Dudley Boys became pioneers by regularly using tables as weapons.

    Bubba Ray was sadistically delighted when he threw women through tables which he did frequently. On the list of his victims, we can find Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus and even the 77-year-old Mae Young.

    During their time with the WWE, they played foolish characters with a simple-minded personas.

8. Ken Shamrock

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    From 1997 to 1999, The World's Most Dangerous Man was known to snap and to lose his mind on many occasions, especially in his first months when he was a face.

    In fact, he built his reputation in WWE with that and his uncommon intensity to go with his nickname.

    With his UFC background, he will be remembered as a sound technician and a submission specialist who often refused to release his holds.

    And by not releasing his signature ankle lock after his opponents tapped out, he was disqualified, enraging him further. He then went on rampage against all the referees and the WWE officials in sight.

    The 1998 King of the Ring's most famous insanity moment was at WrestleMania XIV.

    In a match over the Intercontinental Title, The Rock tapped out and Shamrock was declared the new champion.

    After he refused to release the ankle lock, the win was reversed.

7. Randy Orton

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    "I hear voices in my head. They talk to me."

    These words from his entrance song describe the persona. He doesn't always act like a possessed, but when he snaps, he becomes out of control.

    Orton used to get in a demented zone before hitting his signature RKO and he truly become The Apex Predator.

    The Viper is then in attack position and his eyes show, for a few seconds, that predator instinct.

    And, after his victim, is down for the count, he comes back to his calm mannerism.

    He also enter into a trance when he is in destruction mode, right before hitting his devastating punt to his rival's skull.  

6. Goldust

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    The Bizarre One was used to creep out his opponents with his weird mannerisms.

    He destabilized his opponents with groping in the middle of a match.

    Goldust was obsessed by movies, Hollywood and the color gold when he debuted in 1995.

    Until 1999, when he left for WCW, he was accompanied by either Marlena or Luna Vachon. With the first, he had an unclear relation. Ahe acted like a movie director.

    With Luna Vachon, he became even freakier.

    During that run, he showed a split personality, wore women under-wears, was a freak show creature and/or called himself The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust.

    He came back in 2001 and had a few runs with WWE with the same bizarre gimmick, but toned down until recently.

5. Mr. Backlund

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    Bob Backlund once was one of the greatest WWF champions in the late '70s and early '80s. When he came back in 1992, the fans didn't really care about him and actually didn't remember who he was.

    For nearly two years, he ran with that old-school gimmick until he snapped after he lost against Bret Hart in a match billed as a "Old vs. New Generation" encounter in July of 1994. From that moment, the good old Bob Backlund became Mr. Backlund.

    Mr. Backlund was a psychotic persona, wearing a two-piece suit and a bow tie.

    With that new persona, he acted like a possessed man and applied his signature Crossface Chickenwing on anyone, no matter if they were spectators, interviewers or wrestlers.

    He did it randomly and, when he released the hold, he looked at his hands wondering what just happened, with a lunatic facial expression.

    After he retired from the ring, following a controversial loss at WrestleMania 11, he was put in a storyline in which he tried to become a candidate for the position of President of the United States, always with that desire to educate the younger fans about history and other stuff like that. 

4. The Boogeyman

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    The Boogeyman was some kind of weird maniac who enjoyed to eat worms and to scare his opponents with his disgusting habits.

    His gimmick was inspired by some horror movies characters such as Candyman, but with some original touches. He used to hide backstage to surprise wrestlers and creeped them out with his catch phrase, "I'm The Boogeyman and I'm comin' to get'cha!"

    When he was feuding with rivals, he used to stalk them and he especially enjoyed to do it with wrestlers who were accompanied by a female valet to add extra screaming effects. His most notable rivalries were against JBL with Jillian Hall and Booker T with Sharmell. 

3. Snitsky

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    Snitsky's gimmick was one of an actual psychopath who debuted in 2004 and targeted Kane as his first victim, leaving him to recover off-screen for several months.

    In his first years, he was that sadistic persona who had, "It wasn't my fault!" as catch phrase.

    He was involved in an incident that caused Lita to miscarry the baby she had with Kane. It was also revealed that Snitsky was a foot fetishist and that led to a weird angle between him, Edge and Lita.

    In 2007, after a short face run in the tag-team division, he joined the ECW brand, with a new bald look and yellow teeth. He came back to his initial psychotic behaviour, even more vicious. He only won squash matches against jobbers and mid-carders while he constantly attacked random top face wrestlers after their matches.  

2. Ric Flair

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    When Ric Flair joined the WWE in 1991 for one and an half year, he brought in the company a craziness never seen before. There have been some wild men as described earlier, but not crazy like The Nature Boy.

    Flair was that "Limousine Ridin', Jet Flying, Kiss Stealin', Wheelin' Dealin', Son of a Gun", but when he entered his zone of madness, he was completely a different man, especially in interviews.

    "I'm every woman's dream and every man's nightmare," and, "I can take more punishment than anyone in the business," are two quotes from Ric Flair that can also summarize how crazy he was.

    He was more than just over-confident; he considered himself as great as God.

    When he came back in 2001, he was way passed his prime but he did not lose his intensity or his crazy side.  

1. Kane

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    The Big Red Machine was believed to be dead when the family house was destroyed by the flames. It's still unclear if it was Kane or The Undertaker who had set the fire and a storyline was built around that, with Paul Bearer.

    The only thing I will mention about the angle is that Kane was hidden by Paul Bearer in a mental asylum. After the fire, Kane was mentally and physically affected which explains why he turned into the maniac we know today.

    After feuds and alliances with The Undertaker and following various other rivalries, Kane was unmasked in June of 2003. He then continued with his tortured soul gimmick, but with new unstable behaviour.

    Then, a major change occurred after he starred in the movie See No Evil in 2006. He built his new gimmick around his role in the horror movie in which he portrayed Jacob Goodnight; he became that sadistic character, a psychopath in constant search for a new victim.

    Nowadays, he toned down his character, but he is still a deranged mind. 

Honorable Mentions

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    As you can see, Mick Foley was not on the list and he certainly deserves a spot, probably at No. 1.

    But since I wanted to avoid repetition from my previous slideshow featuring the Wildest Wrestlers in WWE history, I didn't make a slide for him.

    As I couldn't remain silent about him when we talk about "demented," I kept him for the end, with more than an honorable mention since he's both wild and demented.

    I have also not mentioned the likes of Waylon Mercy, Nailz and Damien Demento because of their all-too-short tenures with WWE.

    Finally, if I missed anyone or if any of my picks don't belong on the list, the comments section is wide open for discussion.