What To Expect From Big Blue Vs. The Niners

Brian BrennanContributor IOctober 16, 2008

Monday night was a night many Giants fans would want to forget as Big Blue was beaten on offense, defense, special teams by the Cleveland Browns.

It was all-around a terrible night for Big Blue. The entire team will be looking to rebound against the 49ers who are coming off being royally screwed against the Eagles (come on, that field goal was CLEARLY no good).

That could make the Niners a hungry team, similar to the Browns. But there just isnt as much talent on the Niners to challenge the G-Men. J.T. O'Sullivan sounds like the bar I'm going to be watching the game in on Sunday (just kidding, I'm 17, but I'm sure plenty of fellow Giants fans are thinking the same thing).

I realize Alex Smith is a total bust, but there has to be somebody better to start at QB for a team that had Steve Young, Joe Montana, and Jeff Garcia in three straight era's than J.T. O'Sullivan. Look for Antonio Pierce, Justin Tuck, and Mathias Kiwanuka to have much better games than last week.

The run game was solid against the Browns. Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward had great games. It was the only part of the game they didnt struggle in. They have to keep on keeping on.

Eli Manning needs to have a better game. Three interceptions against Cleveland is unacceptable for the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Amani Toomer cannot get shut out again. I realize there is a plethora of good recievers on this team, but Toomer is the veteran who holds everything together. 

Plaxico Burress also needs to prove himself to me and every other G-Men fan again. The suspension and that awful game last Monday was not a good way to do that. He owes us. He's been my favorite player since they signed him but he's begining to slip in favor of Antonio Pierce or Aaron Ross.

I've actually decided this week I'm going to make a prediction!

31-14 Giants. Giants go to 5-1 before the showdown in Pittsburgh. Earth, Wind, and Fire have a good day, while Eli has a bounce back game and the Giants win.