UFC 130 Fight Card: Without Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar, Everyone Loses out

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IMay 9, 2011

Now that both Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar are out of UFC 130 due to injury, the whole lightweight division has been set back.

Not only that, but everyone involved loses. The UFC, fans, pay-per-view numbers—everyone.

The rematch and third installment of the Edgar/Maynard series was supposed to take place at UFC 130. Now, neither fighter will get the chance to settle the debate as to who really is the UFC lightweight champion.

The UFC loses out  in a huge way. Both the UFC and pay-per-view numbers go down hand-in-hand with this lost from the card. Now, instead of promoting the lightweight championship, they promote a less-sexy matchup in Quinton "Rampage" Jackson versus Matt Hamill.

Are people really going to pay to see that? Only a hardcore MMA follower will. Is that really worth the money? A main event with almost no implications?

The biggest thing that could result from that fight would be Rampage losing, which would send him down the light heavyweight ladder. He can't even earn a title shot, seeing as Jon Jones isn't fighting until the end of the year, and his next opponent is almost assuredly Rashad Evans.

The fans want an end to this debate. Is Maynard the real UFC lightweight champion? Or is it Edgar? This question has been going on since they announced their UFC 125 bout. As fans we want a definitive champion, and a draw in the championship fight doesn't give you that definitive answer.

Not only that, but again, how many fans are willing to pay the price to watch this card? Especially with a good—and free—undercard.

The lightweight division is hurt the most from this. Pettis has already waited long enough for his title shot after beating Ben Henderson at WEC 53 and becoming the last WEC lightweight champion.

Now on top of Pettis, you have top lightweight fighters like Melvin Guillard and Jim Miller,  contenders who now have to wait even longer for their title shot.

UFC 130 is still a pretty good card, but no one wins from having the top fight being pulled. Not one single person.