Tony Romo Channels His Inner Favre: NFL Observations and Week Seven Picks

Ryan BurnsAnalyst IOctober 16, 2008

The NFL season just continues to become more tumultuous, week in and week out. This is truly getting unbelievable. 

Last week, I wrote about Pacman "Adam" Jones and his scuffle with his bodyguard in a Dallas hotel. This week, the NFL woke up and punished him with an indefinite suspension. Jones will miss at least four games and will have to apply for reinstatement after serving the suspension. So much for an image change.

Speaking of missing games, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo broke his pinkie during the Cardinals game on Sunday and will be missing...wait what's that? Really? On the phone?

Apparently, Romo will not miss any games after talking with NFL Ironman Brett Favre, who clearly inspired the Dallas QB to tough it out. After this episode, it is clear that the Favre-Romo comparisons aren't going to go anywhere anytime soon. It's almost like Jordan and Kobe, the legend and the young buck in a mentor-type role. Very interesting.

The Colts finally woke up last week and torched the Ravens' defense early and often, as the boys from Baltimore just couldn't get anything going on offense, much to my chagrin, as I am the proud owner of La'Ron McClain, who rushed twice for -2 yards. 

Perhaps the only defensive back who had a worse week than Deltha O'Neal was Ravens' CB Chris McCallister, who got roasted by Old Man Harrison time and time again. Could the Colts be back? We'll have to wait and see.

The play of the week had to be Lions' QB Orlovsky running out of his own end zone in Minnesota, racking up a safety for the Vikings. This will be one of those plays that they'll show on blooper reels for a while. 

Let's get on to the picks shall we?

Last week, there were a bunch of upsets that ruined what I thought would be a successful week for me. However, my upset special hit big time, as I took the Cardinals and the 5.5 point versus Dallas, and they won outright.

Picking games with the spread has been an up-and-down ride for me this season, so look for my picks to come back up and help you out for week No. 7.

Last Week: 7-7

Season: 49-38

home team in CAPS

San Diego Chargers (3-3) +.5 over BUFFALO BILLS (4-1)

In what is basically a pick-em game, I like the Chargers to come out strong and test the deep ball early, as they did versus the Patriots. A conference win would help them out greatly here, and I think they have a lot of momentum heading into their third-straight AFC East opponent.

CHICAGO BEARS (3-3) -3.5 over Minnesota Vikings (3-3)

Minnesota barely escaped with a win over the aforementioned Orlovsky and the bonehead Lions, who just traded a playmaking receiver. Bears are at home and are playing a team much worse than their record indicates. If they can hold off AD, the Bears should cruise.

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) -9.5 over CINCINATTI BENGALS (0-6)

Willie Parker won't play, but will Carson Palmer? If not, the Steelers' defense should win this game by harassing whatever jabroni the Bungles throw out there. Big spread, but the Steelers should cover.

KANSAS CITY CHEIFS (1-4) +7.5 over Tennessee Titans (5-0)

This is Kerry Collins' team now, but Vince Young said he will use the criticism as motivation for his play. How cute. The Titans don't win pretty, and Arrowhead is still a tough place to play for anyone. Titans should win, but take the Chiefs and the points.

New Orleans Saints (3-3) +3.5 over CAROLINA PANTHERS (4-2)

This is probably the toughest pick this week, as the Panthers got absolutely destroyed last week by the Bucs, and the Saints massacred the Raiders. Still, I like to think that the Panthers bounce back from that loss, but I like the Saints in this game even on the road. Drew Brees has been probably the best quarterback in the league this year, with little weapons. Take them and the points.

Dallas Cowboys (4-2) -6.5 over ST. LOUIS RAMS (1-4)

The 'Boys will go with Tony Romo, playing with a broken finger, but without CBs Terence Newman and Adam Jones. They have a lot to prove, and I think that this will be a statement game for the 'Boys. The Rams, who looked good last week, will not catch lightning in a bottle two weeks in a row. At least I hope not.

Baltimore Ravens (2-3) +2.5 over MIAMI DOLPHINS (2-3)

The Ravens got molly-whopped last week, and I look for them to get back into the swing of things versus the Miami Dolphins, who lost to the Texans by one point. The Ravens should take this game if they can finally get some sort of offense going. If not, it might be Troy Smith time in Baltimore.

San Francisco 49ers (2-4) +10.5 over NEW YORK GIANTS (4-1)

The Giants suffered a heartbreaking loss in Cleveland on Monday night, and Eli Manning is a little banged up. The G-Men should take this game, but I think the 'Niners are going to keep it close. Take the 'Niners and the 10.5.

HOUSTON TEXANS (1-4) -8.5 over Detroit Lions (0-5)

The Lions just lost their starting quarterback for the year, and WR Roy Williams is now in Dallas. Texans should win, but then again, they suck too.

New York Jets (3-2) -3.5 over OAKLAND RAIDERS (1-4)

Favre and the Jets are looking like they're clicking at the right time, as they get more comfortable with each passing week. The Raiders are at home, but that won't help them much if their defense let's up big plays to No. 4.

Cleveland Browns (2-3) +7.5 over WASHINGTON REDSKINS (4-2)

Are the Browns back on the right track? They beat the G-Men on Monday and are in a must-win game to stay competitive in the tight AFC. I like them to cover this spread, even if they lose.

GREEN BAY PACKERS (3-3) +1.5 over Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

I'm going with the Packers for now; they are playing at Lambeau, and the Colts haven't shown the kind of consistency we are used to seeing. They played well the last two weeks, but this is still not the same Colts. They could prove me wrong though and steal a game on the road. I'll roll with the Pack (somewhat begrudgingly).

Seattle Seahawks (1-4) +10.5 over TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (4-2)

No real rhyme or reason here, just taking the underdog and the points. This is a big enough spread to risk it on the underwhelming Seahawks. The Bucs looked good last week and should win this game, but I like the 'Hawks with the points.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (3-2) -3.5 over Denver Broncos (4-2)

Gotta go with the Pats on this one. They have home field here on Monday night and will be looking to make a statement to the rest of the league. The most disrespected 3-2 team I've ever seen, the Patriots have to win this game to keep spoiled fans and talk show hosts from hitting panic.

Good luck everyone!


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