WWE Breaking News Rumor: WWE Supposedly Offering Contract to Former WWE Star

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 9, 2011

The Animal returning to his natural Habitat?
The Animal returning to his natural Habitat?

Hey, Bleacherholics.


The Rumor

As you may have probably heard throughout the last months and especially in recent weeks with the Sports Company Zuffa buying Strikeforce, former WWE Superstar Batista hasn't a contract with any MMA promotion and thus is likely to return to WWE .

The deal (with Strikeforce) was a problem for Batista, who was thought to be working on agreements on the contract, which was in the latter stages.

The deal wasn't made before Zuffa bought Strikeforce, which subsequently ended Batista's chances in competing in the sport.

Although Batista going to WWE has run rife since his departure from Vince McMahon and the gang, rumors of him returning has sparked life yet again this week

It's been rumored that WWE has offered Batista a contract to make a return to the company.

Much isn't known at this point, I got this information from this Radio program - It's around the 3:15 mark.

It's only a small rumor at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

The lack of depth of the WWE Smackdown roster is at an all-time low, even with the likes of Randy Orton and a seeming feud with Christian, Smackdown needs another main-event face.

Chris Jericho is hotly rumored to go there when he returns, Batista will only add more dimension to the blue brand, and his heel Character before leaving for MMA was highly praised by the IWC.

The Paths Batista may follow IF he returns to WWE

With only a small amount of knowledge about WWE offering a contract to Batista, I'm going to decide likely paths IF Batista were to return in the near future, as I don't want to post an article and only put in a few lines, which has been seen on this site in the past.

I can see only two possible ways Batista could return to WWE programming.

The first is he returns at a PPV, and costs the World champion Randy Orton the title to Christian (heel), thus portraying himself to be a heel.

That angle that would be the top Storyline for Smackdown and would let Christian have a run with the title which WWE could experiment with to see how he does without having the pressure of being involved in the top program (although, I think he could handle it).

The second and more likely path is that Randy Orton and Batista feud over the World Heavyweight title which would have a background story due to being members of the Evolution stable, many have been wanting to see this and it may soon come.

In addition, An upcoming WWE PPV event; WWE Capitol Punishment is set to take place in Batista's home-city of Washington. Fate or just coincidence? You decide.  

All I know is YOU should take this as it is, a rumor. This may end up as a dead-end and perhaps never see Big Dave in WWE again, or Batista will return despite reports of him saying "I do not like the direction the company is going in and will not be returning any time soon".

 Let's face it; Anything can happen in the world of Pro Wrestling and Sports Entertainment.