WWE News: John Morrison's Doghouse Diary (Final Entry); JoMo out w/ Neck Injury

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 10, 2011

Big Nasty will be keeping a running diary of what should be an epic losing streak/de-push of former WWE rising star John Morrison

Major heat on Morrison stems back to WrestleMania season, when Morrison infamously gave WWE Diva Legend Trish Stratus cold-shoulder treatment leading up to their WrestleMania 27 mixed tag team match.

Just as there had seemed to be a hint of daylight through the dog days of John Morrison, fate took an ironic, and to some karmic, turn for the worst. 

News of a possible reprieve for Morrison broke last week as backstage sources reported that Edge's sudden retirement had preserved Morrison's spot as one of the top babyfaces on RAW. 

Previously laid plans to further Morrison's de-emphasis were apparently set to be aborted due to the Edge's sudden retirement necessitating a "rock star" babyface to fill his void. 

This notion was previously theorized in the Doghouse Diary, back on day seven, and seemed to be coming to fruition until a less promising, more debilitating news story broke earlier today. 

It was reported earlier today that Morrison was to miss significant time due to a neck injury.  It was a neck injury, suffered by Edge, that had originally saved Morrison's spot on the WWE roster.  However, as cruel irony would have it, a similar neck injury would take Morrison's precious spot right back away from him. 

According to a report by WWE.com,

"After an MRI confirmed the diagnosis, Morrison was treated by Dr. Joseph Maroon, a renowned neurosurgeon and medical director of WWE. In a procedure to alleviate pain and weakness in his arm, Dr. Maroon created a small incision in the back of Morrison’s neck and removed a bone spur and a small fragment of the C5-C6 disc from around the nerve root. He noticed immediate improvement in strength and decreased numbness in his arm in the recovery room."

Fortunately, the procedure was described as "minimally invasive," and Morrison is set to only miss four to six weeks. 

With R-Truth attacking Morrison on last week's RAW in Miami, Truth would surely stand to benefit from the sudden turn of events as he could lay claim to putting Morrison out of action, thus strengthening his already surging "street thug" heel character. 


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee, May 9, 2011 - While Morrison would not appear on RAW tonight, he did make a cameo appearance on WWE's Tough Enough which premiered an hour before RAW. 

The appearance by Morrison, a Tough Enough Season 2 Winner, served a reunion (kinda) between Morrison and Tough Enough Trainer Trish Stratus, who was at the center of a doghouse controversy that claimed Morrison as a temporary casualty and inspired the creation of this very diary. 

There was no noteworthy interaction between Morrison and Stratus on the show, although Stratus did make mention of his appearance on her twitter account with the following tweet:

"Tonite @ is on @! Joining @ @ & I-taking the guest spot @

The ensuing premiere of RAW saw R-Truth pick up where he left off as his heel turn continued to gain considerable momentum. 

An eclectic and racially charged show-opening segment saw R-Truth steal the show as Truth and RAW's top stars Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio Jr. and the Miz all vied for a WWE Title shot. 

Truth came out firing with a cold promo as he joined the interracial suitors.  The hip hop entertainer turned heel philosopher R-Truth amusingly waxed poetic on hospital food. As expected, Truth announced that he was the reason that Morrison would be out with injury as he prompted WWE to air the clip of him attacking Morrison on last week's RAW. 

With that, Truth pulled no punches, threatening to hook up all the onlooking talent to an I.V.  Truth called Miz a "pretty boy from L.A.," he called Rey Mysterio a "Superhero wannabe from San Diego" and in a truly eyebrow-raising taunt that seemed to delight the Southern Crowd, he called Del Rio a "Pompous, Mexican Fence-jumper."

Look for glorified task force PW Torch to assemble a town hall meeting in light of that one. 

Truth continued the racially-charged promo by turning his attention to the crowd. 

"When an angry black man is talking, y'all need to shut up," snapped Truth. 

The crowded segment led to the mystery RAW GM selecting the Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio Jr. as participants in a triple threat match to determine the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship, giving no reason for the exclusion of an already conspiracy-minded R-Truth. 

The segment set up the WWE Championship picture brilliantly as WWE's top stars were kept in the mix, and R-Truth would have more fuel to overtly suggest the workings of a conspiracy. 

Following a Miz win in the RAW main event, setting up an "I Quit" match at WWE Over the Limit against WWE Champion John Cena, R-Truth attacked Rey Mysterio Jr. and stood fiercely over Mystero's lifeless body as RAW went off the air. 

With Truth laying claim to Morrison's current injury, Morrison's replacement is actually a step up for Truth and should give him more credibility as a WWE Championship contender should he be victorious in an inevitable showdown.  

In the meantime, and above all else, let's hope that John Morrison experiences a speedy recovery. 

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