F1 delivers hot Turkey, served up by Red Bull and Ferrari on well-worn Pirellis.

Barry RosenbergContributor IIMay 8, 2011

Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso
Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Fernando AlonsoPaul Gilham/Getty Images

Once again Sebastian Vettel slices ahead to cut himself a thicker lead in the 2011 world driver's championship, and his Red Bull team advances similarly. Red Bull's points total is aided greatly by Mark Webber's prodigious drive to second place, his second time in succession on the podium as he enjoyed similar success in China.


The entire race and the entire field of cars and drivers created one of those great, enjoyable competitions. It is ample evidence that the hard working, wise-thinking decision makers have got it right at last with wings, KERS, and Pirellis.


Could it have something to do with the departure from the FIA of noodle-headed Max Mosley and the installation of Jean Todt in his place?


Think for a moment about Ferrari before they lost Todt to the FIA. Their strategies and disciplines were legendary, and paid off with lots of victories and championships. FIA is functioning like that now.


Todt has called the testing-ban during the season "stupid."Todt has also declared that the engines two years from now will be very different from the current V-8s. I look forward to the 2013 season when the engines are 1.5 litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged screamers.


I always thought that F1 racing was great when that was the engine type in use. It's a problem for Ferrari, because they are the only manufacturer that doesn't make a four-cylinder engine. My advice to Montezemollo is to start making smaller Ferraris with four-cylinder engines. They'll sell so fast they'll have to build an addition at Maranello.


Stefano Domenicali, who replaced Todt at Ferrari, just doesn't have what it takes. The Ferrari team makes mistakes and judgements that have turned it into just another team, something that they never were under Todt.


Until Montezemollo corrects the error of making Stefano team boss, Ferrari will have to cope with "ordinary" results.


The whining of the “not enough passing” brigade must surely have been extinguished by the Turkish Grand Prix of 2011. There was so much excitement everywhere on the track and in the pits that it was difficult for this old fan to stay with it all.


There were times of good sportsmanship, like when two cars were side by side to the pit exit, the drivers sensibly fell into line and avoided breakage and stewards' penalties.


On other occasions, close calls like when three cars wide across the track entered a turn and all three made it through unscathed because of mutual respect.


Nico Rosberg avoided damage when he yielded to a passing competitor when it was obvious he should do so. Conversely, when his teammate Michael Schumacher was in a similar position, he failed to do the correct, sportsmanlike thing and had his front wing run over as a result.


This observer always enjoys seeing Rosberg well ahead of Schumacher.


At the same time, I do wish Filipe Massa could be a match for his Ferrari teammate Fernando Alonso. I wish Mark Webber could defeat his amazing teammate Sebastian Vettel half the time. I wish good old Rubens Barrichello could win sometimes and the same for Nick Heidfeld.


Well, there are a lot of races still ahead in the 2011 season, and they say that anything can happen in Formula One. Since the successful on-track results from the innovative rules about wings and KERS, along with the change in tire design and supplier, anything really can happen... although I admit that my wishes are far-fetched.


On we go to Spain in two weeks.