WWE Friday Night Smackdown: Hope Is Still Alive for More Than One Superstar

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIMay 7, 2011

Last night's episode of Friday Night Smackdown was a real show indeed. With the draft being in full effect, the new superstars hardly failed to make an impact.

We started the show with the new World Heavyweight Champion, Christian. He was there to celebrate his victory which allowed him to finally hold the championship that he had sought after his whole career. He was giving a truly heartfelt speech when Mark Henry interrupted, then the Great Khali did the same, and finally Randy Orton came out. They all wanted one thing, Christian's belt. Theodore Long came and told the fans to cheer for who they wanted as the contender for Christian's championship. Like always, the fan favorite won, so later on in the show, it would be Christian vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship.

In the concluding moments of a hard-fought battle between Randy Orton and Christian, Orton came up with an RKO from his arsenal while Christian was attempting a Sunset Flip Pin by using the turnbuckle for momentum. With one RKO, Randy Orton became the new World Heavyweight Champion. With one RKO, Christian's "Cinderella Story" came to an abrupt end.

Although it looks like Christian's career is destined for doom, there is still hope for him as he still has a rematch clause which could lead him to a high-profile feud or lead him back to the mid-card. Time is what can effect how Christian's career from here on out will play out but for now, there is still hope that Christian can have a chance to be destined for greatness.

Another superstar who really has hope on his side is a superstar that many may have forgotten still worked for the WWE. His name is Chavo Guerrero.

Chavo, once a reliable star who was a good wrestler and entertainer alongside his uncle, Eddie Guerrero, seemed as if he was going to be relevant for a long time to come. That is, until a bad luck leprechaun named Hornswoggle ruined his career and made him into a comedy act.

Chavo's career seemed to be a failure but with the draft came change. Change can be either good or bad, but for Chavo it was good because it brought fellow Mexican Sin Cara to the blue brand where a rivalry may take place between the two.

If this feud does come to fruition, Sin Cara will receive the help of an established veteran who knows how to wrestle with luchadores while Chavo Guerrero will basically get more TV time and a push that lifts him up from the lowest of the low for any Superstar. 

Smackdown brought hope for Christian and Chavo last night as Christian can be put in the spotlight rivalry of Smackdown and Chavo Guerrero can finally receive a push that removes the 'jobber' label from his name.

Hope is there for these two Smackdown superstars. How their careers will go from here on out is still unknown, but with the impression of a push and keeping your hopes up, it seems as if Smackdown will finally give two deserving veterans a chance to leave their pit of despair.

Christian can become more of a top star by portraying the sympathy underdog role who finally wins the big one due to his hard work, while Chavo can become a relevant act again after he had to endure the pain of losing to Hornswoggle and being a jobber week-in and week-out.

Smackdown is the show of hope for these two superstars, and for many more superstars as well. But when all is said and done, Chavo and Christian will reap the benefits of hope the most, or at least I hope they do.