Seriously, How Well Will The Packers Do Against The Colts?

Heath HeidemannCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

Do you remember the Cowboy's game? Who can forget? The Packers were riding VERY high! Huge wins over the Vikings and Lions had not only the Packer faithful, but even football critics feeling good that THIS was the time! In Lambeau! Aaron showed last year he could pick this defense apart! This was the year! BUT...we all know what happened. A dagger to the heart of all of us hoping we were going to get revenge. The Pack would than drop 2 more games, one to the Buccs, and one to the Falcons before rebounding last week against the lowly Seahawks.

I am a VERY devoted fan of Green Bay. It is in my blood, born and raised, will never change. The room I watch the game in is literally green and gold, colors bought from Home Depot's Team Collection. I am also a realist. This was a game that we had circled last year when Favre was still here. Even though the Colt's have been in a funk this year, and we are trying to bill the Pack as a team also in turmoil, there is a difference between the teams. Production.

The absence of a strong running game has hurt the Pack. They have nothing to offset the passing attack again, much like the early part of last year. They are 17th in the league in rushing yardage with 591. 105 of them belong to 2nd leading rusher, Aaron Rodgers. The good news is, the Colts have the fewest rushing yards. On the passing side, Green Bay holds strong, but it is on the back of mainly one person. Greg Jennings. He accounts for 653 of the 1,409 total. There is a sharp drop after that, down to Donald Driver with 295 yards, than Jordy Nelson with 158. The Colts are 17th in average passing yards, and have played only five games. Their average is 7th best in the league, Green Bay's pass D is 10th. But the Colts spread the ball out, and much like the Cowboy game, where the Packers could cover T.O. like a glove, it left Miles Austin wide open. The Colts have 4 legitimate receivers, with Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Anthony Gonzalez, and Dallas Clark, three of them within 100 yards of each other. The Colts, with that kind of line up, can and should be able to pick apart the Green Bay defense, even with the Pack in Lambeau.

All is not lost though. Green Bay can fight back. Key things have to be in place. The running game, no matter what combination, HAS to show up. As I said, the Colts are last in rushing yards on defense, even with a week off! Aaron Rodgers has to spread the ball around. They have legitimate receivers, tight ends, and even receiving running backs that can do the job. The offensive line HAS to keep from committing penalties. Green Bay leads the league in penalties right now, they have to give Aaron 1st and 10s, not 1st and 20s. Last, the defense has to step it up. They need to do the job and cover not only the #1 receiver, but the 2, 3, and 4, PLUS pressure Peyton Manning. Hopefully they have studied what happened when the Bears D toyed with him on week 1.

When you weigh all of it out, it is going to be a tough game for the Green and Gold. After the Colts took the #1 defense to the cleaners, I have to say I am a little worried for them.