WWE Superstars: 10 Tag-Team Pairings We'd Love to See Come Together

Jon SainzAnalyst IIMay 9, 2011

WWE Superstars: 10 Tag-Team Pairings We'd Love to See Come Together

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    The guys in the picture are the whole Tag Team division in the WWE.

    For quite some time now, the WWE hasn't had a real Tag Team division. 

    Mostly we've seen random guys paired up and been led to believe that they were actual Tag Teams.

    While it would probably take some time to fix the division, here are 10 Tag Team ideas for the WWE.

Tyler Reks & Alex Riley

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    This is the Tag Team that makes the least sense out of the 10, but hear me out.

    Tyler Reks is a menacing individual and the WWE could make him into a beast.

    Alex Riley has been Miz's apprentice for some time and has talent on the mic.

    If the two of them were paired up, they'd form a Tag Team with one monster and one talker.

    We've seen this kind of Tag Team achieve success in the past, with The Big Show as the monster and Chris Jericho and The Miz as the talkers.

    Both those Tag Teams (JeriShow and ShowMiz) were able to win the titles.

    Since both Riley and Reks are relatively new to the company and aren't wrestling that much in singles competition, so forming a Tag Team could be a solution for the two of them.

William Regal & Daniel Bryan

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    The Master and The Student. 

    Regal has had a pretty good career with the WWE, but is appearing less in its programming. 

    On the other hand we have Daniel Bryan, a newcomer trying to go up the ranks.

    They already have a relationship, as Regal trained Bryan. 

    This two could form a veteran and "rookie" Tag Team, like the one formed by Batista and Ric Flair some years ago when they were both part of Evolution, but way more technical.

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

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    They've already been Tag Team Champions together, so why not put them together again?

    Curt Hawkins has absolutely nothing going on right now.

    Meanwhile, Zack Ryder is enjoying a sudden and growing popularity thanks to his YouTube videos.

    The WWE could take advantage of Ryder's newfound popularity and give Hawkins something to do by putting them together again.

Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov

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    Once a force in WWE's ECW, forming the Ruthless Roundtable alongside William Regal, both men have already won championships in the WWE.

    Big Zeke was the final ECW Champion.

    Kozlov has experienced success in the Tag Team division, having won the titles with Santino Marella.

    These powerhouses could form an unstoppable Tag Team to run the division.

Kane & the Undertaker

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    The Brothers of Destruction. 32 combined championships. Multiple WWE records. Future Hall of Famers.

    Undertaker doesn't compete all year long and Kane is currently Tag Team Champion with the Big Show.

    I actually like the pairing of Kane and Big Show, but I think most people would prefer to see Kane and Undertaker in a Tag Team.

    While it wouldn't be as a regular part of the Tag Team division, seeing them together in action every now and then would be great.

Hart Dynasty

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    I never understood why this Tag Team was broken.

    Neither Tyson Kidd nor DH Smith have done anything since their stint together ended.

    The only person who gained something out of this team's breakup has been Natalya.

    They are part of a legendary family with a lot of history and great Tag Teams.

    Since neither of them has anything to do right now, just put them back together as a Tag Team.

The DiBiases

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    Continuing with more wrestling families, we have the DiBiases.

    Ted DiBiase has been a part of the Main Roster for a couple of years now.

    He had a decent run as part of the Legacy, and nothing else.

    The WWE tried to make him a copy of his father instead of giving him a new gimmick, and that was bad to say the least.

    Meanwhile Brett's been in the FCW for a while but was deleted from its web page recently.

    The WWE hasn't made an announcement about that yet, but with reports of Brett leaving the WWE, we may never see this.

    I hope we do, as they could be a great Tag Team.

The Rotundas

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    Yet another wrestling family.

    Grandchildren of Blackjack Mulligan, nephews of Barry and Kendall Windham and sons of Mike Rotunda (I.R.S.).

    The older brother is already part of the main roster, where he goes by the name of Husky Harris.

    The younger brother (Bo) is still in FCW.

    He's been the Heavyweight Champion there.

    When they both were in FCW, they formed a Tag Team and were able to even capture the title once.

    If it worked in the developmental territory, why not try it in the big leagues?

Los Aviadores

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    Hunico and Epico.

    Two masked Luchadores.

    Both are currently in the FCW.

    They've been Tag Team champions there.

    This could be a welcome change to the Tag Team division with their athletic and high-flying style.

    To learn more about this Tag Team, click here.

Celtic Connection

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    Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

    I think someone in WWE creative already thought of this one.

    When they teamed up for a moment in the Royal Rumble match, the announcers had the name "Celtic Connection" ready.

    They already have pretty successful singles careers and could add some star power to the Tag Team division.