Profiling the WWE's Future Stars: Part 1- FCW Tag Team The Los Aviadores

Ryan FryeSenior Analyst IMay 5, 2011

This is Hunico!
This is Hunico!

Over the next the few months, I will be profiling Superstars from the WWE's Developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. This will not include guys who have been on WWE TV for an extended period of time, with the exception of WWE NXT. 

These FCW Superstars have stood out from the rest of the pack, and many will become future WWE Superstars. You may have heard of many, but may not be familiar with others. 

So without further ado, why don't we begin?

Today I begin with the tag team of Hunico and Epico, the Los Aviadores.



You maybe familiar with Hunico from his time in AAA, TNA Wrestling and Chikara, under the ring name Incognito. However, I'm not going to go feud by feud with him, because that would be boring and take too much time. What I will do is, talk about his upbringing, in-ring style and how I believe he will transition into the current WWE landscape. 

Hunico was born in El Paso, Texas with Mexican immigrants as parents and begin wrestling at Burges High School. He'd ironically begin working under the ring name Mistico, which we know is formerly the ring name of Sin Cara. Odd, huh?

Well, Mexican promotion (and at the time the home of Sin Cara) CMLL realized this, and legally took the rights of the Mistico name. That would also be the reason why the WWE changed Cara's in-ring name. 

Before I go to off track here, I digress.

Hunico received a tryout match in the WWE in late 2009. It was without a mask and under the name Jorge Arias. He would sign a WWE  developmental contract shortly thereafter.

He would soon showcase his Lucha Libre style, under his Rey Mysterio-like mask. Don't worry, the similarities to Mysterio don't end there.

Hunico's gimmick is that of an undersized underdog who never gives up. I know, I know, I can hear the collective sigh among the IWC now. But, it caters well to kids.

Hunico's future spot in the WWE could very well be along with fellow masked wrestler and tag team partner Epico.



Epico has been all over the world, competing in Japan, Puerto Rico and of course, in the United States. He is Carlito and Primo's cousin, whose real name is Orlando Colon (competed in FCW as Tito Colon for a short time.)

Epico, like his tag parter, also dons a mask. This mask also resembles that of Rey Mysterio.

While he could team with Hunico and help revamp the WWE's tag team division, he could also debut as Tito Colon.

As Tito Colon, Epico could brag about his family's heritage while possibly teaming up with (and helping the status) of Primo.

Either of these two possibilities could result in Epico being a future WWE Tag Team Champion. I believe debuting as Tito Colon is more likely, as the WWE wouldn't want four masked wrestlers.

As far as Hunico, he has more of a history with his mask. He could probably debut in the WWE with a mask, especially after Rey Mysterio retires. If given a chance, he could succeed in the WWE. If not, Hunico would have to be unmasked and given a chance. Which honestly, seems unlikely to me.

So, what is your opinion on both Hunico and Epico. Should they split up and be unmasked before debuting? Should they stay together as a masked (or unmasked) team? Or do you think they won't get a shot in the "big leagues" to begin with.

As always, particularly with a new series, I welcome feedback. Let me know if you enjoy this, or if it should be scrapped.

Thanks for reading.