Indianapolis Colts: Colts v.s. Packers: More to This Than Meets the Eye

Aaron GlennContributor IOctober 15, 2008

OK.  So I have seen quite a few articles about this game already, and I'm sick to my stomache.  Is there anyone out there besides myself, that is actually dissecting this game?  Obviously not!

Let's start by thinking about an article that was recently posted by a Green Bay Packers fan.  I don't think they (in Green Bay) understand taking a step back, and looking at things objectively and having an unbiased view.

I will do that right now. Please continue to read.

The Green Bay Packers (3-3) are a viable threat in one way and one way only.  Through the air is how they have won their only 3 games.  I heard a Packers fan today at work bashing Indy's running game.  I asked him how much depth the Packers had at runningback.  He replied "Well, I don't know man.  All I know is we have Grant."

Well, Mr. Packers fan, I don't know what kind of games you have been watching, but Grant is no Walter Payton either pal! 

Now, to the meaty part! (We were only dancing along the outskirts of grizzle just then!)

Let's dissect this game together, shall we?

The Indianapolis Colts had a flat out amazing day last week.  That being said, lets look at this quarterback matchup.

Here's my take on the matchup of Manning and Rogers.   The only time you should ever hear the 2 QB's names in the same sentence, is on Monday, when the Indianapolis Star's headline reads: "Manning soars with the Colts, Meanwhile, it's all frowns with Rogers and Green Bay."

For the first 2 weeks of football, Green Bay looked amazing.  Aaron Rogers was playing like his last name was Manning.  Then, something happened.  He had a taste of the injury bug. 

Which team do you think has more momentum going into this game?

A Green Bay team who just beat the Seattle Seahawks, who mind you, have a defense filled with what seems to be some Junior Varsity team from somewhere in Washington.

Or the Colts, who outplayed the #1 defense in the NFL, in both the run and the pass.  And not only did they win, but they won handily...  31-3

I am going to leave this as a "Choose your own ending" type article...but come realistic!

My Prediction:     The Colts hand Green Bay their 4th loss.  Colts will win by 10 or more.