Green Bay Packers: Preview for Week Seven

Kyle JensenContributor IOctober 15, 2008

After losing three games in a row, the Packers seemed to have found their swagger again after their win against a broken Seahawks team. It started out slow, but everyone found their stride as Aaron Rodgers started throwing better, and the defense had a couple interceptions.  

For week seven, the Packers have the Indianapolis Colts.

Normally, as a Packers fan, you would be pretty afraid of this upcoming game against Indianapolis. But this year is different. The Colts are not the Colts of the previous few seasons, especially when they won that Super Bowl just a couple of seasons ago.

Peyton Manning has 1,302 passing yards thus far and an okay 87.8 QB rating.  The Colts are coming off of a big stomping win over a Ravens team that has now lost three in a row.

The scariest part for the Packers about that game is that Manning threw for 271 yards and three TDs in that game, and could possibly be back in form.

This Colts team barely beat Minnesota, and Minnesota only kicked field goals in that week two game. That Minnesota team also squeaked one out against the Lions.

The Colts did add running back Clifton Dawson to help them with their backfield that hasn't really produced much.

Rodgers, on the other hand, has thrown better games than Manning overall.  He has a 98 rating with 1,482 and 11 TDs.

During the Packers' three-game losing streak, the biggest problem was not Rodgers' play. It was part defense, and part offensive line.

The offensive line all year has been committing silly penalties at crucial points in the game, like the ridiculous amount of false start calls. If the Packers keep this up against the Colts, they should be worried.

The defense is now out with Al Harris and Atari Bigby. Nick Collins and Charles Woodson have been coming up big for this Packer defense, though.

Woodson (as captain) said earlier in the season that he wants the defense to play aggressively and put some hands on those receivers. That has led to a good amount of pass interference calls against the Packers' defense.

The fact that Harris and Bigby are out, and Manning could be in top form might be a problem as well. The Colts' offensive line is a little shaky, however, so look for Aaron Kampman to provide a lot of pressure on Manning.

Ryan Grant is finally starting to run like he did last December. He has started out very slowly at the beginning of the season. Right now he's at 3.4 yards per carry on 106 carries. That stat went up after Week Five and Week Six.

I would expect to see a pretty close game with a good amount of touchdowns, assuming that the Colts can't keep up with Greg Jennings, in which case Rodgers should be able to trust Donald Driver and James Jones as well.  

The game could go either way, but it's at Lambeau, so I have to say the Packers will improve to 4-3 after this week, heading into their bye week.

Packers +2 over Colts.