Over the Limit Picks: Will Christian and Miz Reclaim Their Championships?

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIIMay 15, 2011

Over the Limit Picks: Will Christian and Miz Reclaim Their Championships?

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    Over the Limit is the latest (but not so greatest) pay-per-view WWE has created. It was launched in 2010 after replacing Judgment Day.

    This year the pay-per-view will take place in Key Arena in Seattle. Over the Limit is a remix of Over the Edge, the pay-per-view in which Owen Hart accidentally passed away.

    John Morrison's recent neck surgery put a hamper to the R-Truth-John Morrison match so WWE must improvise a little bit. Allow me to help them.

    I had some beef with last year's Over the Limit due to questionable endings and terrible matches.

    The World Heavyweight Championship match between Big Show-Jack Swagger ended in a disqualification. The highly-anticipated match, and feud, between Edge and Randy Orton was cut short because Orton injured his shoulder during the match. Edge-Orton ended in a double count-out.

    We all knew Batista was about to leave WWE so the Batista-John Cena match for the WWE Championship was a foregone conclusion, although the "I Quit" match was very good.

    This year some potential problems include lack of buildup and lack of quality feuds. Furthermore the title matches are way too predictable. But now I will create an electrifying pay-per-view that truly is Over the Limit.

Sin Cara vs Chavo Guerrero

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    I really don't understand why Sin Cara attacked Chavo Guerrero last Smackdown. Guerrero can easily become Sin Cara's manager and turn face in the process.

    Sin Cara's lack of mic skills can be masked (pun intended) by Guerrero's quality mic skills. Vickie Guerrero, although she is unpleasant on the eyes and ears, is a decent enough manager to get Dolph Ziggler over as a heel.

    Oh yeah, Sin Cara wins his debut pay-per-view match by doing his patented La Mistica finisher back when he was Mistico in Mexico.

    Winner: Sin Cara

    After the match Chavo shakes Sin Cara's hand and Sin Cara agrees to Chavo managing him.

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes

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    I know there isn't much buildup here. But it doesn't matter. This can be an outstanding contest. Daniel Bryan will get the majority of fan support as he is billed from nearby Aberdeen.

    He will be much more comfortable on a wrestling-oriented show. It is a shame he was not pushed based on the momentum he received from feuding with the Miz and headlining Summerslam. But it would not be a stretch to have him be World Heavyweight Champion down the line.

    As to start the feud, Cody Rhodes can do the whole paper bag thing saying Daniel Bryan should cover his face because he's so ugly. Rhodes can do a heel beat down on Bryan leading up to the pay-per-view. He can put the bag over his face.

    But it's not about the feud. It's about the wrestling. This can be a 4 to 5-star match if it goes long enough. Daniel Bryan regains his long lost momentum by making Rhodes submit to the Lebell Lock.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan

Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship

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    "This is for the Intercontinental Championship," announces Justin Roberts, "A belt that has about as much relevance as toilet paper!" You would be hard-pressed not to agree with that last set of quotations, even though I made that up.

    The Intercontinental Belt used to be a big deal to hold. Davey Boy Smith and Bret Hart fought for it as the actual main event at Summerslam 1992 in London. In honor of an attempt to restore some prestige to the Intercontinental Belt, Wade Barrett won the belt from Kofi Kingston prior to Wrestlemania.

    However he has run into the same problem most mid-card champions have had. That problem is no meaningful title defenses at a pay-per-view. I am not saying make him defend it every week. I am saying make him defend it at least every pay-per-view. Wade Barrett is a main-event talent.

    Ezekiel Jackson's push will come to a head when Jackson becomes Intercontinental Champion at Over the Limit. That belt would look good on big Zeke and Barrett needs a run with the World Heavyweight Championship later this year.

    Winner (and new champion): Ezekiel Jackson

Nexus vs Big Show, Kane, and Kofi Kingston for the Tag Titles and the US Title

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    If I documented the rise and fall of Nexus on this slide, a lot of you would be depressed. Apparently the creative team took a page out of WCW's playbook and split up the Nexus like the nWo. Except the Nexus has a trillionth of the star power the nWo had; and that's generous.

    As for the new Nexus, the only original man remaining is David Otunga. He will join CM Punk, Mason Ryan, and Michael Mcgillicutty in a 4-on-3 handicap match with the Tag Team and the United States Championships both on the line.

    Since this is an obvious filler match, why not at least make it interesting? CM Punk gets a badly needed win by telling Kofi Kingston to go to sleep.

    Winner (and new champions): Nexus

    After the match Mason Ryan and CM Punk have an awkward stare down.

Kharma vs the Bella Twins (C) for the Divas Title

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    I know Brie Bella technically holds the belt. But that hasn't stopped a joint-Divas champion (Laycool) from defending the title.

    Besides, it's unrealistic to suggest Brie Bella has a chance of defending her title against Kharma.

    Last time I predicted, in good humor, that Kharma would job to the Bellas at Extreme Rules.

    Not this time.

    Winner (and new Divas Champion): Kharma

    Ideally Kharma (I like the name Awesome Kong so much better) can face numerous challengers for her belt until her reign of terror finally ends against Beth Phoenix.

    Either this year's Summerslam or next year's Wrestlemania would be a good time to set this match up. Kharma's reign will put some credibility into the Divas division once more.

R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

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    R-Truth was originally to face John Morrison. However Morrison's injury changed some plans. R-Truth is now inserted into the Mysterio-Del Rio saga by making this a #1 contender's match. This could either be a really good match or a terrible match. I go with the really good match because all three men have plenty of in-ring experience.

    With R-Truth both disparaging Alberto Del Rio and attacking Rey Mysterio, all three men have reason to feud with each other. This is what triple threats are all about. When was the last time have we seen a three way feud? Alberto Del Rio's destiny is once again delayed as R-Truth does his new finisher on Rey Mysterio to pick up the win. R-Truth continues his white hot momentum heading into his match with John Cena.

    Whoops, did I just spoil it for you?

    Winner: R-Truth

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler

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    Please let this feud end.

    Michael Cole should either retire, become a manager, or just stick to normal play by play. Enough of this stupid annoying heel crap going on. Don't forget Lawler must piledrive Cole this time.

    Winner: Jerry Lawler

Randy Orton (C) vs Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    "It is a tragedy Christian had to lose his title so soon," says the IWC Peeps.

    "Yeah it is. But he won the title! What if he jobbed to Randy Orton the next Smackdown?" says Jeff Awesome. "Oh wait he did."

    Christian was not meant to carry the belt forever. But he should have at least carried it to Over the Limit. Randy Orton can win the belt at Over the Limit and Christian has a respectable reign. Nevertheless the IWC would still complain.

    I cannot in my conscience say Christian can defeat Randall Keith Orton at Over the Limit. Orton uses his initials to retain.

    Winner (and still champion): Randy Orton

John Cena (C) vs Miz for the WWE Championship

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    Do I even need to say who wins here?

    Winner: John Cena

John Cena (C) vs. R-Truth for the WWE Championship

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    "What is R-Truth doing here right now?" Jim Ross yells as R-Truth comes to the ring. John Cena is tired from his "I Quit" match with the Miz. It must be hard for him to pretend to almost lose a match he can win in less than ten seconds.

    R-Truth does a stereotypical angry black man rant and he later intimidates the anonymous Raw GM into giving him a match. John Cena is furious at the fact he must defend the belt. The crowd is stunned that Cena must defend it a second time.

    It is a relatively long match at ten minutes. Both competitors are tired from their previous match.

    R-Truth connects on his new finisher twice and finally achieves the impossible and becomes WWE Champion.

    Winner (and new champion): R-Truth

    The show goes off with everyone in shock. Who would have thought R-Truth would become WWE Champion before his heel turn?

    Thanks for reading!