WWE Extreme Rules Preview: Could This Be the Worst Pay-Per-View Ever?

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WWE Extreme Rules Preview: Could This Be the Worst Pay-Per-View Ever?

HUMOR—For those who have read my articles before, you know what my specialty is as a writer. My specialty is to write fantasy pay-per-view predictions. While none of these are accurate I try to make the best possible pay-per-views money can buy.

But shocking news has made me change my stance on the Extreme Rules prediction I was going to throw out. Edge's retirement and vacation of the World Heavyweight Championship has changed the landscape of WWE forever. Burning questions plague the future of Smackdown as a whole.

Maybe Christian will get his main event push? Maybe Del Rio can get a long run with the belt? Maybe the Big Show can get one last run before calling it quits? What about Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger or maybe even Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett as contenders?

I was going to give you mouth-watering matches such as Miz-Morrison for the WWE Championship and Cole-Lawler in a street fight. Instead we will see Miz face R-Truth and John Cena for aforementioned belt. Jim Ross makes his much-hyped in ring return to team up with Lawler against Jack Swagger and Michael Cole.

Those two matches inspired me to take a different direction with this pay-per-view. I will create the WORST pay-per-view anyone can buy. It will be so bad people would not want to be paid $55 to watch it.

Enjoy the pay-per-view prediction and be thankful I don't run WWE or TNA. Well I might be an upgrade for TNA.

Note there will be some spoilers from this week's Smackdown on slide 10, the World Heavyweight Championship slide and the last match of the pay-per-view.

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