Rory Sabbatini Takes His Rightful Place as the PGA Tour's Jerk

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMay 5, 2011

Rory Sabbatini, fittingly, wears a black hat.
Rory Sabbatini, fittingly, wears a black hat.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Every sport needs a villain.

Every sport needs a real jerk.

It's simply the way of the world, isn't it?

The late great Tommy Bolt once told me, "Tom, you're gonna find out that there are more horses asses than there are horses."

Say hello to Rory Sabbatini.

Sabbatini can't help it; he is who he is, and he can't hide it. Leopards don't change their spots. Say hello to the PGA Tour's genuine jerk.

If you haven't seen him in person, well, he's a real prince. He's a gem. NOT.

Rory Sabbatini is the poster-child for Bitter Beer Face. He's a miserable whiner and will turn on anyone and at anytime, depending on his mood or how bad the shot he just hit.

The latest out there comes from a reported altercation at the Zurich Classic. During the second round, it seems rambunctious Rory got into it with Sean O'Hair, who most know is a quiet, non-confrontational kind of guy.

Pat Perez was the witness to it all, but he's not talking. Imagine Perez being the cool-head in that situation—his tour nickname used to be "Mini-Volcano."

On Thursday afternoon, The Golf Channel's Tim Rosaforte reported that the incident came as a result of  "an altercation over the pace of play."  Rosaforte talked about it with a player "who had knowledge of the situation." Rosaforte also indicated that Sabbatini could already be suspended but he has a two-week appeal process and during that time, he is allowed to play. 

The incident apparently got pretty heated. The situation was discussed this week with Sabbatini and O'Hair and note that O'Hair suddenly withdrew from the Wells Fargo this week for "personal reasons."

Could be that he's pretty darn upset at the aftermath of this tomfoolery.

I saw Sabbatini up close and personal at the Transitions over here at the Innisbrook Resort in March. At the 18th tee, he called out someone who was supposedly talking during his backswing.

I was standing right there, and there was no such talking. One of the caddies in the group was standing by me while Master Rory was bitching; we looked at each other and simply gave it the "you gotta be kidding" eyeball roll.

At Riviera, early in the season, Sabbatini berated a 16-year-old volunteer for marking one of his wayward drives with an empty soda can. He tore the kid a new one, and the tour later made him apologize.

So this latest flapdoodle by the Little Lord Fauntleroy of Faux Pas, comes as no surprise whatsoever.

Somewhere, one day, someone's going to knock this guy's block off.

Yes, golf is a gentleman's game, but calling Sabbatini a gentleman is an insult to gentlemen everywhere.

The PGA Tour may suspend him over this.

If it does, well, good for them.

Maybe one day he'll get what he really deserves and someone will pop the top on a can of whup-ass.