Dissecting the WWE Smackdown Roster 2: Who Will Challenge the "Viper?"

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 5, 2011

[WARNING – this content contains spoilers]

Okay, as we all now know, and for those who don’t you do now, “Captain Charisma” is no longer world heavyweight champion!

Yes, just after a two-day run, Christian’s long-awaited major title run was stopped abruptly, as he would lose the title against Randy Orton.

This news broke out rapidly as soon as it went down on SmackDown’s regular Tuesday night taping which will air on this Friday night on SyFy.

After numerous outbursts and complaints, and after all the opinions that were expressed about the matter, I no longer want to continue on this topic.

You can only speak of a topic for so long before it becomes just simply old news—which, in my opinion, this current scenario has.

Over the years, we have had many disappointments from the WWE but, at the end of the day, we have to continue on and hope that we can enjoy the product once more.

This is the time for that…

So, before all this ruckus broke out, I wrote an article expressing my thoughts on who should challenge the now-former world champion Christian.

Now that Christian is no longer champion and Orton is, it is only right to find a perfect match for the new champion!

In the last article, it was explained that SmackDown is the brand for building new stars like Del Rio, Orton and Cena.

With Christian having the belt, it would have opened a window for thriving stars on the “blue brand” to be moved up as there are not many main event stars on the brand.

Although Orton now has the belt—this could still stay true!

Now on the first piece, I had Sheamus as one of the candidates to challenge for the strap but this is something I, and pretty sure others, would not like to see as we have seen this feud on Raw.

So for now, the “Celtic Warrior” is off the list.

Now let me get the obvious choice out of the way…


After the uproar of “peeps” everywhere and letting their thoughts be known, WWE had to hear the message loud and clear!

Whether this will lead to WWE culminating a feud between the two or not still remains. Technically, Christian still has the world title, so plans on this are probably not set (as SmackDown has yet to air).

One of the biggest thoughts expressed was to turn Christian heel, out of outrage of losing the title.

Now this would be a good approach WWE could play off the fan's anger, especially since they are embracing twitter and facebook more by the day.

Christian could still be main event seen and be a challenger for the title and, maybe one day, reclaim it!


In the other article, I chose Cody Rhodes as he has been picking up more buzz with his now ended feud with Rey Mysterio.

Also, there is a history between the two as Orton was the leader of the now defunct group Legacy, as WWE could bring this history back up to spark a feud.

Now this also can be true for other former member Ted Dibiase, who was just one of my long-shot picks on the other article!

But since the tides have changed, Dibiase has been bumped up—Ted is looking for the right time to enter the main event scene.

Ted and Cody have all of the tools to do so, and a feud with Orton would be perfect to enter them in that slot.

Not only would this create more stars, it would add more depth to the main event roster on SmackDown which is in need!

Another perfect timing candidate is…Wade Barrett.

With Corre becoming stale and falling apart, this could turn things around. Now all WWE has to do is figure a way for Barrett to drop the title maybe to Sin Cara—this would give the opportunity for a feud with Orton.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Barrett win a title shot by winning NXT Season 1? If he cashed that in, then I missed that!

They could use that to spark the feud, but have Wade defeated to lengthen the feud.


Now at first, it seemed Orton would be feuding with Mark Henry who just recently turned heel as he returned to SmackDown.

But now with Orton winning the title, this feud seems to be done already.

Now I say Henry is a long shot, as we have seen WWE try and push Henry then all of a sudden he disappears and nothing was really done with his push….that’s WWE for you!

But hopefully they do something with him and other guys looking to get over.

Because is it just me or does the “blue brand” still seem not as strong of a roster?

My reason for saying this is because WWE does not want to pull the trigger on pushing certain stars, so we see the same guys at the top which does not generate new guys being moved up.

So if this theory still rings true, then SmackDown will still look weak in my eyes!

Okay, thanks for checking out my latest! I hope you enjoyed, and hopefully Orton doesn't all of a sudden drop the title as I post this article! Ha!



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