Disecting the WWE Smackdown Roster: Who Will Challenge "Captin Charisma"?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 4, 2011

Christian has finally done what fans have anticipated for years…won major gold in the WWE.

It has been a long journey for Christian, a journey that has just been made even bigger! Christian now has the opportunity and quest to prove that he belongs in the main event scene, on the biggest stage of sports entertainment…WWE!

After it was announced by his former partner/close friend Edge (Adam Copeland) that he would have to step down due to doctors orders, it was time to speculate on who would step up and take the responsibilities of being world heavyweight champion.

In the back of many fans' minds it would be Christian but there was always that doubt as it seemed that WWE was scared to pull the trigger to give Christian that opportunity.

Alberto Del Rio had been on one heck of a ride. Even though he had lost his match at WrestleMania 27 with Edge, he was still established as the main threat.

When Edge had to step down, the majority of the WWE fan base felt for sure that Del Rio would capture the title and take it with him to his new home on Raw.

Fans felt that Christian would never get his respect or chance to truly shine. But that thought of the “Peeps!” everywhere came to life.

Christian would capture the world heavyweight title in dramatic fashion at this past Sunday’s Extreme Rules.

Christian would share the moment with his great close friend and former tag partner Edge, which was only fitting for the moment.

But now that the celebration is over, it is time for the hard part of the process…to prove that you belong in that slot of holding a main title.

Yeah sure, Christian has held multiple titles and has been in many feuds and proved that he has the skills to be the “guy”. But now that he is the “guy” on SmackDown, he will be under a microscope for any mess-ups.

Yeah this is over-dramatic, but it’s kind of true, as I believe WWE wouldn’t have so urgently added another strong baby-face to the “blue brand”.

That other face being Randy Orton, who could take that spot quickly if WWE feels Christian is truly not the guy to lead the SmackDown roster.

This is a whole different story though, as there is question that still needs to be answered…who will Christian defend the belt against?



After Christian won the belt, and realizing that Del Rio is on Raw now, I began to scratch my head as to who would be the next superstar to challenge for the world title.

If you look at the SmackDown roster there are not too many strong heels. Yes, Mark Henry is making the steps to being one, but it looks like he will be feuding with Orton first, so I am going to rule out Orton and Henry right away

I think Orton should work his way back up and let Christian have a nice reign for a bit to establish himself as a true champion.

Then you look at the Corre, and that’s all types of mess so I really don’t want to go there, but I bet the creative team will go the way of having Christian feud with Corre (Wade Barrett)…but hope not!

Okay, now that those picks are out of the way, let’s get to some possible candidates.

Many fans have seen SmackDown as the home for building new stars. A lot of the main event-caliber stars today started on SmackDown; Cena & Orton to name two of them.

We also just saw the rise of Del Rio who was on SmackDown before being sent to Raw.

But that leaves his man handler on SmackDown…



After being busted open by the current world heavyweight champion during this past Sunday’s pay per view, could we see the big man seek revenge?

Yes, Brodus Clay has yet to truly establish himself, but thus far he has been somewhat impressive.

We still have yet to see what this young talent can do, but this would be a great way to start.

He could not only seek revenge for himself but Del Rio as well.

It would be easy to start this feud and it could help start to establish the young talent, Brodus Clay.



After impressive performances during his feud with Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes has landed on fans' radars as a future top star on the rise.

Not only have his in-ring performances been impressive, his mic skills have been shown to be great as well.

Cody Rhodes has taken on a phantom-type gimmick (it’s really not but it reminds you of it kind of). From going to “Dashing” to dark and strange, Cody Rhodes has landed himself as a true heel.

But would it be too soon to push him into the main event?

Yes and no. His hiding-his-face segments went with the Mysterio feud, but how will he transition without Mysterio? We will have to wait and see, but it should be interesting.

If creative can come up with a nice feud between Christian and Rhodes it should be great!



Okay now here are two stars I would like to see transition into key roles on the roster, but most likely won’t!

Ted Dibiase:

He has the looks, decent microphone skills and the in-ring abilities to be a top star. What is holding him back? That is another question I don’t know, as you can ask the same for many WWE superstars.

Ted was not able to truly establish himself on the WWE market yet but now that he is on a new show maybe he can gain momentum.

Just like his former tag partner, Cody Rhodes, Ted has been projected as a future champion and one of the top performers of the sports entertainment world. But sometimes it seems WWE has changed their minds, as they really have not done anything with his talent.

Now I say this is a long shot, as WWE would want Dibiase to find his footing first before challenging for a world title.

But maybe they could throw a curve ball.

Tyson Kidd:

Now this “Kidd” is my biggest long shot as he has been way under the radar for a while.

When he first debuted on ECW a while back, fans started to like the young talent from the start with his attitude, his look and great in-ring abilities.

But all this seems to be forgotten as now, no one talks about the young prospect.

Some even have him on their list to be let go of, as it is the time for WWE spring-cleaning.

Kidd could be a great main event star, but one thing that holds many of the superstars back that are looking to get over is microphone skills. This was seen to be one of the factors of Morrison not being heavily pushed, well that and his antics behind the scenes.

SmackDown is in need of top stars right now, especially heels, so maybe it’s time they start pushing guys like Kidd and Dibiase.



Okay we also saw a new champion being crowned this past Sunday, that new champion being the U.S. champion, Kofi Kingston.

So that means the “Celtic Warrior” is now title-less.

Now a perfect situation would be that if WWE finds a good format for Over the Limit.

Yes, not a big fan of the gimmick pay per views as well, but that doesn’t exactly mean they have to have a gimmick match or theme at the show.

Maybe WWE can just hold a contender match, having something do with time limit or something, with the winner challenging for the WWE and World titles.

For the SmackDown side, my pick would be Sheamus ,who has had a bumpy ride as of late. First, he went on a strong push and became champion, then lost the belt/had strong feuds and then ended up getting buried by a losing streak. Sheamus would come back strong though by capturing the U.S. title which he just lost on Sunday.

Now that he has lost the title which Kofi has taken to Raw, he now has no real feuds set up.

This could be a great feud with Christian, and his slick microphone skills, and Sheamus with his brute force.

Okay now if this plays out well and he comes back on time, hopefully we could see Jericho return to challenge for the belt. Now that’s another long shot.




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