WWE Politics: Does WWE Actually Care About the Fans or Their Own Well-Being?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 3, 2011

The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) is going crazy right now…why?

Good question… earlier today I wrote an article on who would challenge the newly crowned world heavyweight champion “Captin Charisma” Christian.

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In this article, I suggested candidates who I felt would be a good match for the deserving champion Christian.

This would all be a waste as if you may not have learned by now through “spoilers” that Christian is no longer champion….wait what?

It was revealed through numerous wrestling sites that Randy Orton challenged newly crowned champion Christian to a match on this week’s SmackDown taping (which will air this Friday) with Randy Orton gaining the victory/title!

It has been said that the match was “excellent” and the crowd erupted when Orton received the victory.

Although the overall match between the two has said to be a “great” one, this does not sit too well with many fans.

Christian has had a long career and has worked very hard to deserve major gold, but the WWE feels different.

In my article I even said that WWE would be quick to pull the plug on Christian's title reign if they felt he was not suitable for the position.

Well WWE pulled the plug very quickly as it had only been two days for his title reign.

We do not know the main factor for this—maybe it was due to injury or whatever—but the biggest speculation is the title was going to Orton one way or another.

This was the reason he was moved to SmackDown to fill the void former champion Edge had left!

Yes, SmackDown did need another major face on the “blue brand”, but to give up on Christian that fast is just ridiculous.

Hopefully this was behind the scene politics but if so then things need to change…fast!

How does WWE expect to grow the roster and expand their brand when you have the same stars dominating?

Didn’t we see WCW do this? Although Orton and Cena are not in their 40s and 50s, it’s basically the same thing.

Now WWE has their perfect picture Cena leading Raw and Orton leading SmackDown while the superstars trying to get over are just pushed back down.

WWE doesn’t care, though. People will still tune in and that’s all that they care about right now.

But who knows? Maybe this is a way to turn Christian heel and set up a feud where he could possibly win it back at some point.

But that leads to another face needing to be pushed so hopefully things will work out!